Saitek Bip - Backlight Information Panel Assignment

Hi !
Does somebody know the assignment of characters on the plates for the planes on the Bip?
It is not possible in MSFS change the values. Logitech has a new driver but the assignment of characters are fixed in a special order.

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Thanks for your understanding

Use spadNext you can assign the lights to whatever you want. I even made some of my own labels.
I don’t use the Logitech software or drivers. Those panels are hard to come by so feel lucky to have one.

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Hello, thx for answering. I use Spad Next 7 for MsFs 2020 but it is not possible to change anything. Should I use SpadNext in another version? I own SpNe for FSX too.

You could try downloading one of my profiles under FreeBird that all have the BIP pannel active. I use SpadNext version Be sure to actavate the BIP under devices in SpadNext.

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Hello again,
I think you missunderstood my litle problem.
The Bip is working fine with MSFS but the order of the plates are in a special way to be set.
Where is your downloading profile site. I was searching for it.
Regards Tom

There on the spadnext site you download them thru the spadnext. Program.

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Hi again,
It is possible, that SpadNext does not work together with the Saitek MSFS Driver Addon?
I found a lot of configuration Files for the Bip but nothing from FreeBirdJosh. and only a few for the MSFS 2020. Normally the Saitek tool runs well. But the Order of the plates of the Bip are in a special row.
No Idea wich is for what? But thanks for your Help.
Regards Tom

You don’t want to use the Saitek software. My profiles are under the name FreeBird just do a search for 2020 and they show up along with others. You can move the name plates anywhere you want just remove the bezel. I really don’t know what else to tell you to get it working.

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The basic: uninstall the Saitek / Logitech drivers in order to get the BIP to work with SPAD. SPAD will talk to MSFS directly.

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Thanx…now it works fine after deinstalling all Logitech drivers !

Thanx ! Now I’ve found your installation presets. It works fine.
Even with the Airbus !