Saitek CYBORG EVO is not recognised

Hi All,

I have SAITEK CYBORG EVO JOYSTICK and when I run flighsim, it does not have any cotrol profile mapped as default. It is all empty.
Can any one help?

Can’t help you… but I have the same problem with the Evo and the X52 Pro… so you are not alone.

Same problem also with Saitek Cyborg V2. Saitek website offers no insight for new MSFS usage.

I have the Cyborg Evo II and it is working perfectly. Do you have the Saitek software installed by any chance, and not just the Windows plug and play? I have that installed. Now, it does not have any bindings when you plug it in. Need to do those from scratch in the sim but it sees the stick.

Yep, you’re going to have to build it and it is definitely time consuming. MS created a list of controllers that are premapped.

I had the same issue. While in controls, I just hit the next arrow to filter. Its left side of screen 3/4 way down. Everything popped up after that.

I have everything mapped but the throttle. Its not giving me the throttle axis

Make sure you have the filter set to all. The axis for single throttle is towards the bottom as there are actually 5 throttle axis options.

yes, I have the place to assign it, but its only giving me x, y, z axis.

You have to go to the power section. It’s not in flight controls

Yes, I know. But when I click on my joystick button options it only gives me those 3 axis.

Not sure at this point. I am looking at my sim right now. I have Options > Saitek > Power Management > Throttle Axis [Joystick L-Axis Z]

I get a completely empty screen when trying to configure my Thrustmaster HOTAS X. Seems to recognise the device but shows a (?) in the corresponding image and no binding options. Weird! Works fine in X-Plane

Over in the lower left of the screen, is the filter set to ALL? By default it shows “assigned” which would be nothing.

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Watch the tutorial!!!

It really isn’t rocket science

Aileron to Aileron Axis
Elevator to Elevator Axis
Rudder to Rudder Axis
Toe Brakes to Left Brake Axis and Right Brake Axis
Throttle to Throttle 1 Axis

Ensure you have the filter Lower left set to all

Once setup, click on the sensitivity button and set you Aileron and Elevator to -40

See my quick tip - Control Setup - Quick tip

Bingo! I found this out not long after posting! The interface is a bit confusing tbh. Plus there doesn’t seem a way of assigning by pressing the desired joystick button - instead having to know what the button ID is (windows assigns different numbers than is marked on the stick.


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I’ve sorted by assigning all the joystick buttons and axis one by one.
E.g: let’s assign the “break” function

  1. Options> Control Options> Saitek Cyborg Evo wireless
  2. On the left side of the panel Search for “Brakes” and a list on the right side will pop up
  3. Scroll to the wanted function> Click on the box (I picked the left)> another panel will pop up> Under Press Key or Key Combination click on “START SCANNING”. While it is scanning PRESS the wanted button of the joystick like the Trigger for example. The chosen button will be shown. If this button is already used in somewhere else, a warning will appear. You can whether decide to clear, cancel, change, or bind it.
  4. If you are happy if it, click on “VALIDATE”. Done!

Then I repeated this process with all the buttons, Hat switch-POV individual directions, including the Primary control AXIS and Throttle too.

Hope this helps