Saitek Cyborg X not working properly

I thought I would use my old Cyborg X joystick in MSFS mainly to use with the Airbus 135 helicopter addon (Normally use X56), but when I plugged the cyborg in and went into controls, it shows up as a Cyborg X, but no picture of it just a “?”, and no pre-sets. So I setup the flight surface controls and throttle to the cyborg, but when going into the sim with the Cessna 172, the surfaces move very sluggish and nothing gets centred. It seems MSFS is treating the Cyborg as a digital not an analogue stick, but going into the sensitivity controls, all positions works fine and very smoothly. I am at a loss, any help would be very much appreciated.

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There being no pretty picture of your chosen device is simply that it’s not on their “partner” products list and nothing to worry about.
Similarly don’t worry about the absence of any predefined mapping. A quick read through the peripherals forum would indicate that many owners of products which are on the partner list end up having to re-map anyway because the default mappings don’t always work so well/at all.

If you want to see what your input device is actually doing you can use “DIView” this is a small (and old) application which can display your axis and button inputs as they are detected by the OS.
I have even been able to use this to reveal that a TM T16000 joystick had a Windows Game controller calibration issue. - it showed the mismatch between raw data and “calibrated” output.
Works with all USB input devices regardless of manufacturer.

It’s always worth revisiting Windows Game controller properties/calibration for devices that you have just introduced or reintroduced to your PC.
Then check with DIView
Then check that you have mapped the input AXES to actual axes rather than key inputs. - easy mistake to make, I did it myself when mapping my Virpil kit. You just need to search for the input maps named with AXIS. *

It’s best to map these to the LEFT COLUMN at present also as there are some unexpected behaviours which occur when mapping to the right column. (axis range becomes inhibited by 50% if you then also reverse the axis etc) - Asobo themselves don’t even appear to understand why.

I suspect this is the issue here. Not having set up a controller before, and picked an on/off binding rather than an axis.

Many thanks guys, you were right, I did have to setup my “AXIS”, all axis working smooth and fine now. Was spoiled with my X-56 already having presets. Thanks again.

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Thankyou for highlighting “DIView”- I haven’t come across it before but it looks really useful.

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