Saitek / Logitech Multi Panel - Altitude only in 1000s of feet now

I’ve been using my panel now for well over a month, and it’s always worked as intended.

Today, out of the blue, I’m no longer able to set altitude in the normal 100 ft increment. I’m stuck with 1000 ft. That’s ok (in some cases, even preferable) for higher altitude IFR flights, but not so much for low level VFR.

Is there some way to get it to swtich back to 100 ft increments?


…aaaand just as mysteriously as this started, it stopped. In mid flight too. I’m confused as to what’s happening here. :confused:

I got a used multipanel and the selector dial has always been wonky. As I turn it it just randomly decides to switch from 1000s to 100s back and forth over and over… it’s really frustrating :frowning:

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Yeah, it was doing that for me with the original drivers. Then it was fixed with a subsequent driver and I haven’t seen it since.

I updated my drivers 2 days ago to the most recent version, and no issues at all. Until today. I was doing a VFR flight in my C172, and it started. Shut down, restarted my computer, and same thing on the next flight. Then partway through the flight, it reverted to 100 ft increments.

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Same issue experienced here as well. Only seems to have presented itself since the latest hot fix put out by Microsoft (Asobo). Any numbers selected from the rotary dial are affected. Alt in 1000’s VS in 100’s and HDG / CRS seems locked in 10’s.

Really weird, and I suspect totally software issue. Now waiting patiently for the next patch to fix the bugs injected by the last patch.

The joys of buying a software package marketed as being of Release quality when in reality it is at best a Beta standard. We may get all the bugs ironed out sometime in the next five years.

likewise same issue hopefully get sorted again cause it was working fine before the patch grrrrr

Anyone found a fix yet?

my multi panel allows me to go by increments of 100 so i dont know what is going on with yours.

Using Honeycomb Yoke?

Yes I’m using the Honeycomb

Me too, since yesterday and since yesterday I have the problem :wink:

Maybe has something to do with the yoke then :thinking:

Try without the yoke and we if the problem persists.

I did,problem still there unfortunately

Ok, strange what else happens? MSFS every day something new to explore… in the one or other way :smile:

Don’t want to waste time finding solutions each and every day. Luckily my StreamDeck can manage the Altitude properly.

I have the same issue with the Multi panel incrementing 1000ft and 10 degrees respectively. I have however concluded this only happens with the Honeycomb yoke plugged in.

If I’m mid flight, and unplug the usb cable from the honeycomb, the multi panel works as intended ( 100ft and 1 degree increments).

When I plug the honeycomb yoke back in, sure enough, the multi panel again increments in 1000ft and 10 degrees with HDG, CRS, and IAS.

Pretty frustrating considering the honeycomb yoke is listed as fully supported AND recommended hardware for FS2020.

Do some searching on the forums. It’s possible to work around it by modifying the buttons on the Alpha with software called Joystick Gremlin :joystick:
Hope this gets fixed ASAP

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same here: with honeycomb connected, only 1000ft selection at the ALT section of AP, with honeycomb disconnected, everything fine - jumps in 100ft steps

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Honeycomb support told me its an MSFS bug.

You can work around it by un-assigning all yoke buttons and switches (except the Hat switch) in the Controls menu.

However, this unveils another latent bug that MSFS itself does not respond correctly to the A320 100/1000 switch. Sometimes the keyboard shortcuts for ALT jump in the wrong steps, regardless of the Honeycomb.

I’m running out of patience with trivial MSFS bugs; I mean trivial to fix in the
code. I fired a nuclear Zendesk reply about the flashing clouds bug, listing the top 10 showstoppers which should never have been released including this one.

BTW Have you noticed that if a 2nd screen has mouse focus, like LittleNavMap, all USB controls are ignored!

I did not see any drivers on the Logitech site for FS2020? Do the ones for FSX work?