Saitek/Logitech Switch Panel driver - Avionics swtich

I’ve recently installed the Logitech driver to support the switch panel. Everything seems to work with the exception of the Avionics switch. Are others finding this? I’ve raised it with Logitech but haven’t heard back.

Yes same problem here. Hopefully Logitech will patch this eventually.

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I also have the same issue. Everything else works well.

Been hard to buy these panels. Got the radio last week, the switch today, and the multi panel ordered yesterday. I assume they are in high demand. They work really well, just this little issue which I’m sure they will fix.

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I appear to have the switch and radio panels working, the multi panel is partially working except the display, flaps work and auto pilot switch appears to work. Still testing,
Did I do anything special? I ran the application before starting the game. Even if I restart, running the application when I start the flight, says the application is already running.
Going to be nice being able to remap some switches.

Yes, I thought you had to run the driver app each time but found it is already running. One nice thing (compared to the Xplane plug in) is that you can elect to use the switches in the plane instead of the panel and they still work. Handy for planes that don’t confirm to the standard functionality of the panel.

I have the same problem with the avionics switch as you guys report. It seems to do something, but I’m not sure what. The panel light switch functions, but just a little on variable flood lights.

My biggest gripe right now is if you fly a fixed gear plane the landing gear lights stay off (since they don’t exist)… If you switch to a a retractable gear aircraft, the gear lights turn on as expected… If you go back to a fixed gear, the gear lights stay on… when a fixed gear plane should have no gear lights at all.

This continues very annoyingly when closing the sim with a retractable gear aircraft loaded. The next time you start the sim, the gear down lights will be on regardless of what you want to fly. What this means is at the end of ever session with a retractable gear plane, I have to go to the main menu, load a fixed gear plane, load a flight, then go back and exit the sim. If I don’t do that, three bright green lights will be on for no reason the next time I start the sim. I would absolutely love if some kind of day/night switch existed as well so those 3 lights weren’t so blinding landing at night.

Here’s an interesting thing. In the Xcub, the avionics switch works. Weird!

Maybe you can try,

I lucked out on these panels. My local Curry’s seemed to have quite a few of the radio, switch and multi-panels. Now, try buying rudder pedals of any make and you’ll see what hard-to-get means :slight_smile:

I think that does work but the whole point of this new Logitech driver is to negate the need for third-party tools.

FYI. I had panel display issues for a while, presumably due to the Windows USB power management settings, which no matter how much I changed in Device Manager or the registry, I could never resolve. In the end I bought a StarTech PCIe USB 3.1 expansion board (model PEXUSB3S44V). This fixed everything and no more blank displays on radio or multi-panel. There’s a tick box in devicer manager for each port that simply disables power management.

Does anyone see the landing gear lights not working as well as the Avionics switch?


I am flying in the Unalaska Bush trip and the Landing light goes on but the. Off when using the Logitech switch panel landing light switch. However, the landing light stays on if using the switch in the aircraft.

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I should add that since getting the latest driver for the Logitech equipment, the switch panel works flawlessly in MSFS. I recently purchased the Radio Panel and it also works well.

I know mine is working but for the life of me I can not get my switch panel to work with

I use the Logitech plugin and it works fine with the Switch and radio panels.

You can get assistance here, SPAD.neXt

what do you need help with? we have a few guys that maybe able to help

I have an issue where if I use the landing gear toggle on the switch panel, it raises or lowers the gear, but shuts off the electric power. This appears to only happen in two planes so far - the TBM and the new ATR. It does not happen with the Carenado planes with retractable gear, or the standard Asobo King Air. or Bonanza.

I wil note that BOTH the TBM and ATR (especially) don’t like to play well with the switch panel, radio panel or multi-panel. TBM and ATR ignore light switches. GPS heading knob actually turns the plane, but the bug never moves on the GPS or dials.

I have a similar issue. If I use the mouse to power up the aircraft and touch any switch/button/gear lever on my Switch Panel, it sets the aircraft to cold and dark. This is because it now sees the state of the other switches on the panel and sets all switches in the aircraft accordingly. Therefore, I use the gear lever of my Bravo throttle in preference of the one on the switch panel, to avoid the issue. If I’m flying on the monitor and using a basic aircraft like the C172, I will use the switch panel but some aircraft are more complex and don’t map well to what switch panel. Here is where I opt for using the mouse to set the plane up.

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