Saitek (Logitech) trim wheel problems

Hello all, since the SU5 update my trim wheel is now not usable. The wheel appears to be far too sensitive so the slightest movement of the wheel sends the plane hurtling towards the ground.
I have reduced sensitivity in MSFS down to -80% but its made no difference. As well as the sensitivity, it also seems erratic, so moving the wheel for ‘nose up’ still makes the plane/ nose go down.
Its really frustrating as I have invested in the hardware and it was really good when it worked correctly.
Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Ok so this is interesting. After doing some more testing the issue appears to be aircraft specific!

The 172 is awful, with symptoms as above.
The 152 flies like a dream and the trim wheel works perfectly.
The Beechcraft King Air works okay, bit more reactive than the 152 but usable
A320Neo does not appear to have any triming effect at all

So the trim does work for some aircraft and its good news that the Saitek trim wheel can be detected and used in game, perhaps the developers need to share the settings across the different aircraft - very strange

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I have the same problem since SU 5. Only on the C172 Classic model. Help somebody !

Same here. This is ridiculous.

Any of you is using FSUIPC? I made a Lua script for it and with it you can have different sensitivities for different aircraft.

Just to add my two cents. I have the same problem as ChickyChickster. Trim wheel not working (stuck) in the regular 172 and the 172 float. I am also having an issue with the yoke. My yoke turns one way and the one in the cockpit turns the other way. the cockpit one is also very erratic. It is only these two planes that I am experiencing this up to now.
alpha yoke and bravo quadrant.

Same here. Also the trim axis is inverted with some planes.

Check out the Logitech support site. They have a new driver download for the yoke system dated 7/28/2021. I loaded and trim wheel and panels work fine.

I havent tried the new drivers yet, but they can be found here–Downloads-Flight-Yoke-System