Saitek - Pro Flight Rudder Pedals- Any Good?

Any thoughts on the Saitek - Pro Flight Rudder Pedals? Thinking of getting some before I buy the Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo. Any thoughts good or bad?

mine is working well at the moment.
I’m still finding it too hard for my taste, especially when using a stop, which requires being fixed to the floor or leaning against the wall.
Now I think it will not last in time if I refer to the Yoke and throttle, they are 3 years old and dead, I still use them, but it is becoming more and more complicated and unpleasant.
So my feeling is that they are attractively priced, really good for beginners, but if flying becomes a passion for you, and you will accumulate an impressive number of hours of flight, then pass on if your finances allow.
I would recommend, if you can, the thrustmaster.
to give you an idea of the product

Yeah Cpt. Canda uses those. A little out of my price range.

mine is a year and a half old, it still works well, I also use it as a pedal board for car sims :), I have trouble with the rudder whether in MFS or x-plane, I have trouble getting smoothness in the rudder, I don’t know if it’s due to the hardware or the sims

My set of Saitek Rudder pedals lasted 3 years , small control board inside failed, no way to repair or find a replacement, maybe with an Arduino board. I got a a set of MFG Rudder Pedal, they compliment the Alpha and Bravo perfect, very smooth, and well built, you have very good control of tail draggers in particular, I recommend them if you don’t want to worry about Rudder pedals anymore. If you open the Saitek you will see how crude they are built, their pods are not very precise, all plastic, now go and check the MFG’s.

I had a similar experience. Pedals were only a few years old, and the little plastic tab holding the left toe brake spring snapped. I ended up dumping them for a pair of MFG Crosswinds, which have been great.

I’ve been using my Saitek rudder pedals every day for 10 years, no problems.

Get them. They´re really good. I got the old version with the aluminium pedals… really nice ones. Only setup of sensivity in MFS is a little bit tricky, but I guess this is in case of all rudder pedals…

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I’m holding onto CH pedals from 2006 until Honeycomb releases the Charlie pedals.

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I think the TM/Saitek Pro Rudder Pedals are reasonably good for their price point. You can spend a LOT more on more robust pedals, but even the higher-end stuff can break a spring or have other issues (electrical problems e.g. failed potentiometers, yada yada). Nothing mechanical is forever, ask any RW pilot. I would think you should get a few years out of this rudder set, and for less than $200 USD, that’s not bad. Others have stated (and I concur) that you will likely need to lower the sensitivity settings in MSFS to work with whatever aircraft your fly… and settings may need to vary from one plane to another. Fortunately MSFS allows multiple profiles per-each-flight-peripheral so you can have one for each of your favorite aircraft. There is an excellent YouTube video where a fellow explains sensitivity/dead zones/yada yada for each of the flight controls, including yokes, throttles and rudders. VERY helpful and highly recommended. MSFS Sensitivity Guide for controller hardware

Hi, tried this already. I need to reduce sensitivity down to nearly 85% that it´s work with the airbus. But for the Dreamliner it´s way too low. Here I need around 55% reduction. Seems like the Rudders are not programmed well in MFS… in XPlane, my setup works with every plane. Of course they all feel different because they are different airplanes… but not wired like in MFS…

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Virpil. All metal, contactless magnetic sensors (no wear) basically built like a tank with springs that are easy to replace or modify with off the shelf parts if you want a very different feel from the options provided.