Saitek - Pro Flight Yoke

I feel somewhat disappointed as the way the views run on the new flight simulator. I tried assigning keys on my Saitek Yoke, saved them. Come to a challenge and find no changes made don’t work, how can I put the changes on the hat switch the way they were on previous flight simulator for the views. And that it will stay after saving.

You need to create a “custom” profile for your X52. And then save/use that profile. Then you will be able to reload it. The hat switches are configurable, just like all the other binary switches on the control.

Thanks for your reply, when I save it does not give me an option for saving name. Finally I got the joke,rudder and, levels configured. How do you configure the hat so,it looks around like in the previous flight sim, what is the name of the view? I can only seem to configure up down right left but not the other four in the hat. Also where in the menu I find reverse thruster? Thank you again.

If I remember correctly the views are called Look (direction). You can click on the “search input” bar and then activate the hat switch in the correct direction and FS should detect and assign it to whatever function you are trying to assign.

I tried to use my Saitek Pro Yoke and Throttle Quadrant along with my Rudder Pedals {about 15 years old} plus my Flight Switches and Auto Pilot panel {about 3 years old} }{ All worked fine with FSX.} and new Throttle Quadrant.
The only things that worked were the Rudder Pedals and new Throttle Quadrant.
So I tried updating the Drivers via the Logitech site, but nothing got the Yoke or Panels to work.
In the meantime I have resorted to using my new Thrustmaster T16000M FCS Joystick, which is fine for the smaller aircraft.
I do hope there are Drivers that will sort out the old Saitek Yoke and switches panels.

how do u create a custom profile ?