Saitek ST90

Hi. My saitek ST90 it doesn’t work. Please help!

Does your joystick work outside the game? Can you open the Game Controllers settings (in Windows) to see if it’s recognized in Windows or if it’s a FS2020 issue. Without more info I can’t help much more, but there are numerous posts discussing what order to connect your peripherals in if it’s a game issue.

The Joystick works with my Xplane11

Hi, I have the same issue. Did you solve the problem?

I just installed the game and while I was able to get my ST90 to somewhat function, it was a very manual process of giving the X,Y,Z axis assignments. However, the stick is practically unusable. Pitching to the left or right will work for about half a second and then the system will act as if I’ve rolled all the way to the left or right, sooooo many barrel rolls… lol. I’ve tried changing the sensitivity settings to no avail… I’m afraid this ancient joystick might just need to be replaced.

Download Lorby Axis And Ohs: has a solution that works pretty well. Not sure why this simple Logitech joystick isn’t in the standard MSFS2020!!

This is the OK configuration.