Saitek throttles

Hey guys ,
Have a question regarding the levers and the a320fbw I am trying to set them up to move evenly whereby I would like to move the levers to 50 on the quadrant it will move to 50% n1 but it does not

I slightly push forward like 10 the quadrant and the levers in sim shoot to toga

Any help is a appreciated


Are you saying the throttles instantly jump forward? And only on this one aircraft? (Others work fine)

Yes correct
So on the saitek quadrant I push them up to line 25 and the sim the their toes shoot right up

But ide like them to match 50 and the levers in sim to be at 50


Be sure to check your settings. Often a slider can operate incorrectly with just a keyboard command already assigned to the same command. There will be no indicated sign you have a conflict. I had an issue with my plane taking off to the left not all the time but it turned out to be a keyboard command causing the issue.

Hope that helps you.

Hi thanks for the reply
It assuming it’s via sensitivity settings?
Don’t know what axis it should be at?

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Many times, this ‘jumping’ action with the Saitek/Logitech quadrant can be fixed with a regedit recalibration…

Or use this which clears all HID calibrations Clear Calibration - SimRacingHub

Thank you
Will try

Question, I still have the original CD
Could I install that and Calibrate from the software ?

Have you calibrated them using the Flypad?

If talking about the throttle. In sensitivity you should see it moving when you push the throttle back and forth. Moreover, it will tell you exactly what axis it’s using. Make sure you write this down so you can assign the throttle to it. Now make sure every keyboard and other devices you have do not have any assignments to the throttle. This should ensure the throttle is the only thing mapped to it.

Hope that helps.

Many thanks for this information. My controller’s properties seem finally to be corrected.

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Will have to tinker with with this. Eventually I’ll get it right

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And dont forget to give each axis some dead zone. Even if its a brand new stick give your axis a 5 deadzone as well.

This is very good advice. Although you probably won’t have to, mine an X52 and I don’t but if you see it jumping around a little in center then this is great advice.


I had to do this with my brand new X56, first time Ive ever had to set a dead zone for my joystick in a game, but the autopilot functions seem to be a ‘little’ sensitive to stick jiggle…

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