Saitek Trim Wheel Sensitivity Settings

Can someone who uses the Saitek Trim Wheel and is happy with the sensitivity, please post a screenshot of the sensitivity settings for me?

I have calibrated my trim wheel. It works perfectly in XPlane. In MSFS, trimming down is fine but trimming up makes huge jumps in the rate of trim that it is extremely difficult to trim out an aircraft.

I’ve tried a number of variations in the sensitivity settings with little or no success. I KNOW the controller isn’t faulty, as it works flawlessly in XPlane 11. If it were faulty, the issue would persist across other sims.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

no problems at all. Have got the sensitivity linear.

I have had similar issues.I will post tomorrow what I use when im at my PC. I am not using linear - i made it less sensitive
I was also using Wrong assignment and changing it to % axes assignment improved it

I currently have the default settings, which is linear but for me, trimming up isn’t the same as trimming down. Thanks for responding though.

Thanks. Looking forward to seeing your set up.

I use Sensitivity minus = - 80,Sensitivity plus = -80, reactivity = still 100, rest of settings =0.
This creates a reverse s curve. All the settings do i think is increase the envelope where you can move the wheel gradually before there is a jerk up . Ie settings wont stop a jerk up !!
I know you probably know that you need to move the wheel after firing up the pc before opening msfs. Also i found if you change the trim sensitivity you need to give software time to adjust when going back into airplane.
I must stress i have not spent much time on other settings like reactivity.Dead zone didnt seem important for trim wheel when i played with it - unlike other controls.

If you have any luck with better settings id be interested to know them.

Thanks. I did a flight this evening with your settings. I had it round the wrong way, i.e., trimming up is good in that you get fine changes to correction. Trimming down takes much courser trim corrections, which sees the plane heading quickly for the ground if you are trimming down during an approach.

I’ll continue to test but suspect there is a deaper issue that causes the difference in trim granularity for up and down.

Yes there probably is. It would be interesting to see how the honeycomb trim wheel on the bravo operates although i dont hzve one

Can you take a screenshot of how you have setup the trim wheel?
I have the same wheel and I do not see this behaviour

What do you want pics of? Just the sensitivity or something else.

In XPlane 11 the movement is consistently fine throughout the ranges of both up and down trim. However in MSFS, trimming up is OK but trimming down takes larger steps and makes trimming using the wheel difficult.

Like this

My setup and is the same as yours. My sensitivity is set to -80 for both sensitivity + and - .

All other settings at default.