Saitek X-55 Profile - or how to set up

Hello All

I struggle a bit on how to set up my X-55… Normally when we build up our keybindings we can just select a function (i.e. pitch) and then move the corresponding part of the controller (here: the stick).

But that seems not to be the case. We have to select?

Is there a tutorial on YT or some other good resources on HOTAS setup?

Thanks a lot!

NOTE: The mods will likely soon move this thread to the Self-Help Peripherals topic if you can’t find it later.

Anyway, I have a Saitek X-52 so I imagine things work roughly the same…

There are 2 ways you can configure the HOTAS: the in-game way and via the stick’s own software. I prefer the latter as it is WAY more flexible and allows you to program more stuff on the stick. But I’ll discuss the in-game way first.

In-Game Method:

  1. In the Options/Controls menu, be sure to click on your HOTAS in the column on the left so that’s what you’re editing.
  2. In the central panel, go through the menus to find the specific command you want to map to a button or axis. The main control axes are in the Primary Flight Controls menu. Find Pitch Axis. Note: This list of of commands has various filters (ALL, ASSIGNED, ESSENTIAL, ETC).
  3. If your HOTAS is recognized by name in the left column, then very likely the pitch axis, for example, is already assigned by default. But you can check by looking in the appropriate menu. If it’s not, then click on Pitch Axis, then hit the Scan For Input button, then move the stick forwards and back. This should make the stick axis show up on the box. Hit Confirm.
  4. Assigning buttons is the same process. Find the command you want, hit Scan For Input, push the stick button, and hit Confirm.

Now, if you really want to configure things as you like, and use the stick’s own programming sofrware (which allows using modes and all the other cool features), do the following:

  1. Create a new, blank keyboard profile and give it some name other than “default”.
  2. Go through this and assign keys that make sense to you to the commands you care about. The default keybindings are horrible and illogical so best thing is to start from scratch with key bindings you’re familiar with from other games.
  3. Create a new, blank HOTAS profile that contains NO assignments other than the control axes. So elevator, aileron, rudder, throttle at least. Toe brake axes if you pedals are so equipped. Also I recommend non-centering axes (knobs, sliders) for elevator trim (especially), mixture, and prop pitch.
  4. Open your HOTAS programming software and create a profile for the HOTAS there using the key bindings you created earlier. IOW, pushing buttons/hats is the same as using those keys on the keyboard. Save this into your HOTAS.
  5. Enjoy.
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Hi OrigBullethead

Thank you very much! It’s working :slight_smile: Don’t know why I did not figure it out myself - was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of fields etc. lol


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My VKBSim Gladiator MK II has the same problem. ‘Scan for Input’ always presents an error that I have no way to correct. So for this joystick, I have to ‘guess’ every button and axis for every item I want to map, which really stinks. I should point out that this behavior was not the case prior to production rollout.

Is the stick/yoke recognized by name in the game? I am completely unfamiliar with that make/model so really can’t offer any suggestions. I recommend talking to Zendesk.

Thank you for the concise input, however, I find that I simply can’t find the ‘scan for input’ button you mention. Am trying to set up X55 by Saitec, was able to bind the primary flight axis and brakes (trigger) but the rest seems to be a guessing game as what the buttons are. Found a good (old) you tube video on setting up the hotas in the Saitek software, but then how do I get this profile loaded into msfs2020. With thanks in advance for any assist.

Well, if the X55 software is anything like the X52, the process is quite simple, just a bit tedious.

The #1 thing to understand is that by using the stick’s software, you are essentially turning your HOTAS into a 2nd keyboard. All the buttons, hats, etc. will now send keyboard key presses to the game instead of joystick button presses (KP4 instead of button 1, button 2, etc.). The game can’t tell the difference between key presses coming from the HOTAS or the actual keyboard. This is why you really first need to create a new keyboard profile in the game, with key bindings you like instead of the horribly unworkable and inefficient default key bindings :slight_smile:

The 2nd thing to understand is that when you program the HOTAS using its own software, all that is stored in the HOTAS itself. It just tells the HOTAS which key press to send when you push a certain button (KP4 when the main hat is pushed left, for example). Thus, you don’t need to set up any hats or buttons for the HOTAS in the game–leave them all unassigned. Why? Because the game insists on having each button be a button press input vs. a keyboard press. So by leaving them blank, there’s no confusion. The game won’t look up any button press function but will just see key presses, so looks at the keyboard bindings instead. So, all your in-game HOTAS profile needs is the control axes.

If your software is anything like mine, the process of programming the HOTAS goes like this:

  1. Open the software while your HOTAS is plugged in.
  2. Put the software in programming mode. You should now see pictures of your HOTAS from various directions (so all buttons/hats are represented) on 1 side and a column of fields to tie key commands to each button and hat direction (you can also do more advanced stuff, like making a hat 4-way or 8-way, changing an axis to buttons, etc., but don’t worry about that yet).
  3. Push the button on your HOTAS that you want to program. This button should flash on the picture of the HOTAS and the list of input fields will scroll to and highlight that button’s field.
  4. Type in the key(s) you want to happen when you push that button. If it’s multiple keys to do 1 command, the default is they are sent simultaneously so don’t worry about that.
  5. Hit the checkmark button to save that.
  6. Repeat for all other buttons. Note that you probably have access to at least 3 “modes” on the HOTAS this way, so you can have the same button or hat direction do different things in each mode. For instance, airplanes in mode 1, helicopters in mode 2.
  7. Once satisfied, save the profile/program using the save button. Now you can reload it later.
  8. Hit the “profile” button to make sure the profile is loaded in the HOTAS. Then hit the test button and push some buttons to make sure you’re getting the appropriate key presses out of them.
  9. Close the HOTAS software and go fly.

NOTE: Unplugging the HOTAS will wipe its memory. So if you unplug it between flying sessions, be sure to fire up the HOTAS software and load the previously saved profile.

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Thank you very much for the reply, I will have a go tomorrow. Have been (off and on) flying MS flight sims since very first release (giving away my age here) and have been looking forward to this new version since the announcement. Again, thanks.

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I’m having a horrendous time setting up my Saitek X-55 with Flight Simulator 2020. Could one of you guys who have already programmed everything in post the profile file so we can just load it?

At first the X55 didn’t work as it’s not supported out of the box.
What I did and this works(Steam users):

Go to (Disc you installed the game)
N:\Steam 1TB SSD\ steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\Input
In the Input folder search for:
Saitek_Pro_Flight_X-56_Rhino_Stick & Saitek_Pro_Flight_X-56_Rhino_Throttle
Copy both files and rename the new copies to:
Saitek_Pro_Flight_X-55_Rhino_Stick & Saitek_Pro_Flight_X-55_Rhino_Throttle

Now open these two new files you created with Notepad(++)
And go to the 3th line:
< Device DeviceName="Saitek Pro Flight X-56 Rhino Stick " GUID=“6e383270-ce12-11e8-8001-444553540000” ProductID=“2221”>

< Device DeviceName=“Saitek Pro Flight X-56 Rhino Throttle” GUID=“83add1a0-ce12-11e8-8003-444553540000” ProductID=“A221”>

Replace this line for each file with this new line:
( NOTE THIS: remove the space between ‘<’ and ‘Device’ at the start of the text. The forum think’s it’s link otherwise and won’t let me post this, so remove the space between ‘<’ ‘Device’ )
< Device DeviceName=“Saitek Pro Flight X-55 Rhino Stick” GUID=“745a17a0-74d3-11d0-b6fe-00a0c90f57da” ProductID=“2215” >

< Device DeviceName=“Saitek Pro Flight X-55 Rhino Throttle” GUID=“745a17a0-74d3-11d0-b6fe-00a0c90f57da” ProductID=“A215”>

Save both files and launch the game.
In-Game go to “Controls” and you will see Both Stick and Throttle listed in the top bar.
From here go-on and set everything up the way you like.

One tip:
This works for me as I had a large movement spike with the Stick.

Click on “SENSITIVITY” tap on the left.
Set all sensitivity on 0%
R-AXIS Z 10%

That’s it for now.
Hope this helps for some of you.

Happy Gaming,

Niels :call_me_hand:

Input folder:

Change this 3th line:


Helps very much so. Thank you, Neliszz. This was getting frustrating.

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No Problem, you’re welcome.
I still need to create a good profile as Im kinda new (again) to the Flight Sim games. (Appart from ARMA 3 Aviation.)
Can make one and share my mapping when I have the time for it.

I did fly in a couple different airplanes today and noticed the throttle was getting some weird deadzones in some airplanesl, so will figure this one out as well.

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Do you have any idea where this folder would be if installed from Microsoft store and not Steam?
\ steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\Input

ok ok well suddenly after asking the question I found my own answer… only took me 30 minutes… :slight_smile:
it is here: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.7.12.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\Input

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If you are on windows 10 you have to jump through a few hoops to get it to work if you downloaded from the Windows store. You can find instructions over here

I have had a bad time trying to get my X55 Pro Rhino working in Microsoft Flight Sim 2020.
It does recognise both the stick and throttle and I am able to set up controllers for whatever I want. The problem is that none of them are actually mapped to an aeroplane. I have spent 4 days wrestling with this issue including attempting to follow the instructions for modifiying the XML files. I ordered via Microsoft Store and those files are so protected I cannot edit them in any way. By the way I have tried every tip YouTube video on how to gain access without success.
This must be a serious bug that needs to be sorted ASAP. I dont intend to pay out another £150 on a new set of controllers when my X55 work well on all other flight simulators I own.
Hopefully, ASBO will read this thread because if the solution given for the steam addition works that is a very trivial thing for them to implement bypassing all the security botches we are expected to do at the moment.
If they dont really read this forum is there anywhere where I can add this bug so they can see it?

******************* EASY SOLUTION FOUND *******************

After struggling with this problem for too long I found a really simple solution on the official Flight Simulator site.

If none of your controllers are working on the aircraft check that the AI Co-pilot has not been set. you can find it in the top menu when you are on the field or flying.

I stupidly set it on a few days ago and had not realised it is persistent across all aircraft. However, it is a shame that this setting is buried in the top menu as there is no way of knowing unless you look. Perhaps something ASBO could modify?

My thanks have to go to ClayishCoast9 on the this site for this solution.

I’ve been using an X55 Throttle with few real problems, so I’m not sure why people are having a different experience to me (ive got a seperate yoke instead of using the stick), so I thought I’d mention a few things in case it helps.

I am using the Steam version with windows 10 pro v1909 (although I was using the MS Store version in alpha/beta and initially on release with the gamepass, before getting it on Steam), and have not needed to go edit or copy any configuration files. I do have some issues with the axis controls, but so far from my testing I think this is specific to the sim and not the X55.

I do have the latest Saitek drivers installed manually ( note that there are separate versions for win8 or win10), although I would expect Windows to get the same drivers for you anyway. I am using X55_Rhino_7_0_55_13_x64_Drivers for the drivers and X55_Rhino_7_0_55_13_x64_Software for the configuration software so I can have some mode settings to allow me to activate TrackIR keybinds from the throttle switches.

I also always use USB3 ports for this device, I have had problems in the past in Elite with the X55 when using USB2.

While the device doesn’t have any default binds or a picture shown you don’t need to go copying X56 xml files unless you want to try and copy the defaults that come with that stick to the X55 and hope they all work, I am able to bind stuff from scratch easily. The Throttle axis does show the slider the opposite way than you would expect, but it seems to work fine in game.

I too have had problems with this (one worthy of a separate forums posting, perhaps). One solution might be manually configuring my Mad Catz Saitek X56 HOTAS using the .xml files in the C:\Steam…MicrosoftFlightSimulator\Input folder using the GUID and ProductID properties in the configuration header for the device in question. However, the GUIDs seem to be specific to the installation instance on a given system and I don’t know of a way to track down the correct ProductID (which is likely germane to the individual manufacture series of the device). Are there any solutions to this? Some brilliant mind at Microsoft Games or Ascobo (the game’s end-developer) decided it might be a good idea to alter all this info with the latest major (Japan) update. Consequently, while the device used to work perfectly on my system I can’t make it work now.

Another solution might involve a complete wipe and re-install of Flight Simulator 2020, I’m guessing but I’d only like to do this in the case where it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to get things working again!