Saitek X45: Here's how I got mine to work

I had the problem with my X45 calibrating fine in Windows 10, but in the sim the X & Y axes are stuck full to one side. I had this problem in DCS a few years ago and the same solution works here. Make sure you have the x45 legacy drivers, here’s the link from Saitek:

First remove the USB plug for your controller from the PC.

Press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard and then press the letter R. This will open the Run box. Type regedit and then click ok.

The Registry Editor will have a list of folders on the left hand side. Go down into the following folders in order by clicking the + next to the folder name.

+CURRENT_USER +System +CurrentControlSet +Control +Media Properties +Private Properties +Direct Input

Delete any folder inside the Direct Input folder that begins VID_06A3.

Now, again with your stick unplugged, run the driver install, and follow the instructions, plugging in your stick when it tells you. Calibrate it and hopefully you will be good to go!

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Thank you! You helped me greatly with this detailed step by step guide.
It worked for me!
Now I just have to work the issue with the throttle.

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That’s awesome! What is your throttle problem?

I had wrongly mapped the joystick to throttle up/down instead of throttle axis. :wink:

Ha! Well, at least you got that cleared up.

Also using an old X45 with MSFS. While using the Saitek driver, there was no calibration feature in control panel. First I didn’t care, but after some time, my X45 had a large X axis offset. Decided to get rid of the Saitek driver (manually delete all 10 files listed in device manager). After a reboot, I connected my X45 and Windows installed it with a Microsoft driver. The calibration routine in control panel is working now, and - big surprise - my control settings in MSFS were still there.

Minor caveat: Only one of the hat switches is recognized, all others are shown as 4 buttons each. That’s no issue for me.

Conclusion: Get rid of old Saitek drivers and let Windows do its job!