Salisbury Cathedral Request

Aware there are probably thousands of these but Salisbury Cathedral in England is just a satellite image in sim.

Two related reasons why I think it would be a worthwhile addition. First off it has tallest spire in England therefore has an aviation impact including the required red light on top due to its height. Secondly one of the reasons Salisbury and the cathedral where left untouched in WW2 is that the luffwaffe used the cathedral as a key navigation aid in bombing runs to cities in the midlands of England and therefore didn’t bomb it!

Would be great to have for VFR flights in the area.

Appreciate much more important things going on!


And Blackpool tower as well! please


It might be best to just do a pass of all the City Cathedrals in the UK. If the devs have time expanding that to all church buildings over a certain height would be good too. They are often the tallest buildings in smaller towns.

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This item was delivered as part of World Update 3.