Salt Lake City Airport

Does anyone know if any developers are working on a Salt Lake City airport including the new terminals and such?

I know one came out a month or so ago but it looks pretty bad (stock everything, poor textures, no new terminals, nothing) and I don’t really want to buy from that developer.

PacSim is updating KSLC eventually for MSFS 2020! When , Not sure, but here is their FB page. The P3dv5 was awesome with great detail.

That does look good for P3D, didnt see anything on their FB about converting it for MSFS though.

Graham mentions in several of the post’s about Incheon RKSI and other Japanese airports that eventually they will all be redone for MSFS, Including RPLL Manila. Just have to browse through them.


A quick announcement on PacSim’s development road-map going forward. As you all are aware, the new Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released a little under a month from now on August 18, 2020. We have been privileged to have participated in various Alphas and current closed Beta tests, and were given access to the Software Development Kit (SDK) to also begin third party product development work. As part of our partnership with Microsoft, we are pleased to announce that we are actively developing Cleveland Intl Airport (KCLE) for MSFS20. (KCLE WIP pictures below are from P3Dv5, not MSFS20).

All PacSim products will be transferred eventually to MSFS20 as well.

On a side but relevant note, we’ve also updated 3 P3Dv5 airports which are ready for dedicated V5 installers.