San Juan Center on same frequency as TJMZ ATIS (118.150)

Ok, so just flew into and out of TJSJ. ATC is useless there as when you tune to San Juan center on 118.150 as it als picks up ATIS for an airport on the opposite side of the island and causes the controller to cancel your IFR flight plans because you can’t contact them.

Got the same issue today flying over Puerto Rico on a flight from Punta Cana to St. Maarten, when I contacted San Juan Center on 118.150.

It seems San Juan PR Center ATC is on the same Frequency as the ATIS. Very annoying to have to listen to the ATIS for an hour or more…

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I have noticed this as well. Don’t forget to up-vote your topic, and file a bug report on Zendesk.

Noticed this tonight as well…

Me too and I thought it was just me.

In the real VFR Terminal Area Chart Puerto Rico-Virgin Island, there is not such thing as TJMZ ATIS Frequency in use. In the real life the TJMZ airport use the TJBQ ATIS/AWOS (118.325). The frequency 118.150, belong to San Juan Center; so MSFS2020 should eliminate the TJMZ ATIS frequency 118.150.

In the real world there is no TJMZ ATIS, the frequency belong to San Juan Center. so that’s an error from MSFS2020 that should be eliminated from TJMZ ATIS; TJMZ airport used in the real life the TJBQ ATIS/AWOS frequency (118.325), because they are very close each other.