San Martin, Mendoza Airport: Runway 4/22 not listed in dropdown menu

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The airport has the wrong ICAO code in FS2020 (SATP while in real life it is SAMI)
The airport San Martin, Mendoza (SAMI incorrectly listed as SATP) has two runways (3/21 asphalt and 4/22 dirt) in reality while only one (3/21) is shown in dropdown menu. The dirt runway can be seen in the satellite image and also in the game. But the dropdown does not list it.

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ICAO or coordinates (DevMode > Options > Display position)

SATP (should actually be “SAMI” - opened a separate ticket for that)

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Select departure airport “SATP” and note the missing runway 4/22 in menu.

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As far a I remember it has always been like that up to the latest version (

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Current AIRAC in Navigraph holds this airport ICAO Code as SAME.

SAME is actually a different airport:

SAME → International Airport Mendoza (a.k.a. El Plumerillo)
SAMI → San Martin, Mendoza (Aero Club San Martin)

SAMI isn’t in the current AIRAC, nor is SATP.

This is latest Jeppensen information. The nation-state reporting agency (ANAC?) would need to confirm with ICAO that the facility is being properly reported in the latest AIRAC cycles.

If you want to wait for ANAC to do something then disregard my bug reports … lol. Otherwise you could use the information from the oficial ANAC Madhel Website:

The airport is also listed on ForeFlight who as far as I know use Jeppesen data, but I may be wrong there. Alternatively you could use the local airport code STI.

Anyway if you want to keep the simulator up-to-date I would be more than happy to provide any data you need (incl. videos of landing on both runways).

I’m not responsible for any of the data or development. I’m just pointing out that there’s a data integrity issue at work. Navblue has the stock sim data, Navigraph has subscription data. Generally speaking Navblue is okay inside CONUS, not so much outside. For that Jeppensen is better. It’s not perfect by any means, but any changes made as a manual override will get removed by the next AIRAC cycle. That’s why I’m suggesting the way to fix this correctly is to have the data corrected or assured when it’s reported to ICAO.

Yeah, I am afraid that’s not going to happen with ANAC. Maybe for FS2030 or FS2040 …

But where does the SATP come from? I guess the using the local code STI would be the best option then? Also, some popular electronic flight bags (e.g. OzRunways) show it as STI. STI shouldn’t be overwritten by the AIRAC data then - right?

Not sure, the IATA code STI belongs to an airport in the Dominican Republic. I don’t think local codes are cross-referenced in the AIRAC cycle.

It seems to work for other local airport codes like “DOP” (La Puntilla which is also nearby the Mendoza “SAME” airport). It has the correct runway (05/23) and all in MSFS. And there is an IATA code “DOP” used for a Dolpa airport. The IATA DOP does not see to overwrite the local DOP.