Santa Cruz Island Tour

This is most beautiful flight around Santa Cruz, ending on a very small island with a small runway.
This is a silent flight where you can just enjoy the sound of the engines and look at the great scenery!!

Plane: Cessna 152
Server: East USA
Set time of flight to 9:30 a.m. in the plane.
Few Clouds
Time: I think about an hour total or maybe a bit more.
Name: Just look for me (Vilepoem).
All Players
Live Traffic

Airports in order:
Please land at all airports. It is really easy except maybe the last one. We’ll see!
Here is the flight plan:

Hope I got that right.

Thanks for joining us. Just flew this this morning and it is great scenery and landings are easy for everyone.


Hello maybe I will follow you with a Cessna Grand caravan.

Will be a litte late :thinking:
Simulator update ist running.

I’m there. Hello? I’m all alone…

No I am here!

i will be there in about 10 minutes…downloading update.

Sorry, my download is to slow. See you at next tour. :smirk:

Fun flight! Thank you all!

Thanks a lot!

That was a blast. Always more fun flying together!

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Thank you all this was sooo much fun!!!:slight_smile: I wanted to do my best with the formation.
I hope KStarfightrr I was not so annoying :slight_smile: You did very smooth and easy sometimes!
Never noticed that the Caravan is so big compared to the “little” Cessnas.

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You were not annoying at all! It was great fun! I was a bit careful in the beginning - I’m not used to fly all without AP so I tried to keep it smooth. I became a bit too cocky at airport #3 and crashed in the river when taking off… :slight_smile:

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You can actually see me in the river in your 4th picture.


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Great! Thank you!
I saw it it was very funny! No problem you know the practice makes everybody better/perfect :smiley:
I needed to fly with take off flaps to compensate the slow speed :slight_smile: But it was great!

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