Saudia Boeing 787-10 Full Fleet

October 11 2020 Update: manifest.json correction Download
If you had the old version you must delete it first.

September 24 2020 Update: I removed the small - from the default tail number and rearranged duplicate textures like the engines and wings to be in a new fallback folder, it is should now be used by AI traffic and the size when unzipped is now 1.16GB. Old Link Removed
If you already have the old version you can delete it and just place this new one in the community folder, there are no changes to the textures, just the file size has been reduced by 400MB.

Full Saudia Boeing 787-10 fleet, tail numbers HZ-AR24, HZ-AR25, HZ-AR26 and HZ-AR27. Most of the textures are in 8192x8192 resolution. The real version operates with the GE GEnx engines, but the game has the Trent 1000 engines so I improvised with this. To install put the file Saudia 787-10 in your Community folder.