Save and Restore Aircraft state between flights

I decided to try and learn SimConnect so I wrote a small utility to save the state (radios, etc.) of the plane and give the ability to restore it before the next flight. I thought it could be useful for others so decided to share it. I only fly GA planes (mostly G36 and steam 172) so it is pretty much based on those settings. In theory it should work for airliners, small jets, etc. but there may be more settings for those types that aren’t included.

An unexpected bonus I found is that when i do get a CTD, the application stores the last state of the plane so it can be restored and the flight continued. One caveat, it seems that it starts in a dive so need to be able to recover quickly :slight_smile:

The following settings are saved

  • Com 1 and 2, Active and Standby frequencies
  • Nav 1 and 2, Active and Standby frequencies
  • Adf Active and Standby frequencies
  • OBS 1 and 2 setting
  • ADR Card Setting
  • Fuel amount (gallons) in left and righ tanks
  • Fuel Selector switch setting
  • Trim Setting
  • Aircraft Location (Lat/Long)
  • Aircraft Alititude
  • Aircraft Heading
  • Kohlsman (Barometer) Setting
  • Heading Bug Indicator
  • Flaps configuration
  • Parking Break On/Off

To install just unzip and run the app. It can be found here: AircraftState » Microsoft Flight Simulator

I don’t have a lot of time to spend adding features, but am open to ideas or collaborators. The source is in github: GitHub - kenz67/FlightSim-AircraftState: Read and save MSFS aircraft state and apply to next flight


Great effort, thanks for making it public! :slight_smile:

You can also save aircraft by using the datastore and native xml / js but mod / aircraft creators need to implement it in their aircraft.

Thanks for this.

nice is an amazing idea!

It’s funny, a few hours before I uploaded my app, I saw the G36 improvement project which also saves the plane state. There is actually very little cross-over between what they are saving and what I am saving. They save switches for batteries, lights, etc. but I don’t think they save radio type information. Nothing wrong with that they are doing, each has their own use case, but radio and fuel is what I was most interested in.

“thanks for making it public!”

Yo are welcome. I use so many great mods: Little Nav Map, Add Ons Linker, the 530 Improvement, the Global AI Ship Traffic and the list goes on and on that I wish I could offer more to the community,


Thanks, it was kind of fun, wish i had ideas for more useful apps, but thankfully, almost everything I want is already available. If only I had the time/knowledge to take on ATC…

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Seems like you have to start on the runway for this to work, not a parking spot. The few times it worked before I had to format and reinstall MSFS were awesome. Good stuff man!

You can start anywhere. I never start on the runway. What issue are you having if you start elsewhere?

And Thanks!!

It would always come up with a message saying it failed to save to db I believe it was. But if I would start on the runway then taxi where I wanted and shutdown and save it would work. Not sure what the problem is there? But at least it works by doing that and I can always start where I want or left off, it’s an awesome program!

A nice addition would be to have multiple db saves as well so you can save several different locations, just a thought if you were thinking about adding features.

I just tested it with a different livery for the 172 and if I start at parking and try to save it says “Default data not saved!”

That message means that the application thinks it wants to save (it detected master battery from on to off) but the values were the default values for the plane. It won’t save the default values because I don’t want it to automatically overwrite real saved values with default ones. There are various situations, like starting a new flight or continuing after CTD that this sometimes happens.

Oh, I see. Yeah, this is when I first start a flight then click send. In that case I am guessing just changing the radio or something would probably allow it to save. I’ll try that today.

Sorry, forgot to update after testing it. Still the same thing, the only way I can save is by starting on the runway.

I think that I understand what is happening and I believe it is a usage error.

When you start the Sim Cold and Dark, it defaults a bunch of settings. The important ones for this app are Com1 and Com2. They are both set to 124.850. When you click “Save to Db” (or the app tries to do an autosave) if Com1 and Com2 both have the values of 124.850, it will show you the message and not save. So if you spawn dark/cold and click save you will get the error.

When you start on the runway, the sim tunes the radios to the local frequency, so now if you click “Save to Db” it will work.

If this is what you are doing, you aren’t using the tool correctly. “Save to Db” should be clicked at the end of the flight (or during flight to capture current settings) as it is saving the settings for the next flight. The Send button should be clicked at the start of the flight to send the previously saved values to the Sim. It seems like you are clicking save at the beginning of the flight.

I do it this way every time and I know it works starting cold/dark.

If you have more problems/questions, you may want to start a discussion here: Discussions · kenz67/FlightSim-AircraftState · GitHub as I am happy to help but I don’t think we are supposed to use this forum to provide ongoing support.

Ah I see, so it’s the com values. I save it once at my main parking, then load from there just so my nav, lat/lon and fuel is saved, hence why I save it first, but after that I save after my flights.

Thanks for the help

Have there been any updates?

Received an Update Yesterday

There was an update yesterday and another one today. I added the ability to apply settings from one plane to another. There were a few potential issues with that update so put up a bug fix just now.

Can I update without losing the database?

Update should not affect the database. If you are worried, you can backup this file:



Uploaded new version with adding the ability to Delete a saved profile