Save Camera Settings per Aircraft

Save Camera settings per Aircraft

Isn’t it how it works already?

I think it carries over during a session and only if you don’t change anything. In the Savage Cub I always use the raised camera position and it seems to carry over from leg to leg of a bush trip but if I quit and come back to FS it’s back to default.

It would be nice to be able to save at least one custom preset and be able to assign bindings for it.

You can already save presets and assign bindings! Search your controls for “custom camera”.

I remapped mine to the numpad keys for loading and ctrl + key to save a preset.

Oh, alrighty then. Thanks!

it’s not.

you can set the Height level, horizontal level and zoom level in the configuration. That is a global thing, not per aircraft.

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You can set preferred camera position and save it Ctrl+Alt+1, for example. Then, assign button to retrieve this position. It works per aircraft. Upon loading new flight, you will see default camera, but pressing assigned retrieve button will immediately load your saved camera position

I want to change existing camera positions and save it per aircraft as new default cameras, not as new user cameras. Don´t understand why is camera system of new MSFS so crazy, when old system was fine, including tower view etc etc.

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With the announcement of FS2024, this would be great to incorporate into that version at least, especially for the Xbox crowd unable to do quick key binds. Not having the default cockpit camera state saved by aircraft means each plane swap requires several trips to the config menu to tinker with this. At this point, I’ve started saving screenshots of my preferred camera settings for each plane to use as reference…real janky.

This. But to clarify…

Use Ctrl+Alt+Top Row Number to save the camera view.
Use the corresponding NumPad key to recall it.

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