Save custom external cameras

Hi folks I cannot see anywhere to save a custom external camera, the internal cockpit cameras no issues but I cannot find where I would do it for external views.

Any ideas folks ?

Hi guys,

It would be nice to have our custom view saves anywhere, not just in the cockpit.
This way we can make proper wingviews from both sides and other views similar to showcase presets.
The current default camera doesn’t allow us to make any custom saves outside of the cockpit unfortunately.

If any 3rd party addon creator is watching this, something like x-camera from XP11 would be nice.
Or if the DEVs read this, please improve the camera.
It’s a bit jerky and has many issues.


I heavily concur. Not being able to save a custom view from outside the cockpit sucks pretty bad. Also i’m unable to even save a custom view from all spots inside the cockpit. Several of the planes won’t let you move the camera to the back of the cabin… wtf


Custom external cameras have not yet been implemented. Only custom cameras at this time are for the cockpit. I have moved your post to the #self-service:wishlist subcategory.

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Awesome thank you, BTW an in game category relating to UI and operations of the sim would be an awesome addition to this forum.

I was a little confused as to where I needed to post this so yes something along the lines of Sim Operations

As the Sim ages people will be discussing operating the Sim rather than bugs as the bugs will get less over time.

Just my thoughts, thank you :airplane::+1::pray:

Hey @SirMaxxi. Thank you very much for your suggestions. Will certainly add your voice to the mix as we consider new subcategories going forward. Blue skies!

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Why does this only have 3 votes and how is this still not a thing? Saving external views should be there by default. Another MSFS head-scratcher for me.

The option to create 10 custom views in the cockpit is great, but not sufficient. Please

*make the external views customizable (as well as the cockpit views)

  • and expand the amount of custom-views

that would be great :pray: :star_struck:


Exactly, my custom viewing experience will be based on my ultrawide screen, that in itself is a reason to make it custom per user as each persons viewing needs are very specific, this is an obvious feature that is a common sense feature…please Asobo add it now!

Also, fix the toggles for internal/external cameras. I still get confused. If you hit END then you need to hit END to go back to the cockpit? But if you hit INS then you need to hit INS to go back? I’m not sure, I just keep clicking things until I get back to where I want to be.

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