Save the children: Airstrip Annabelle remembered

The historic airlift during the Biafra/Nigerian Civil War saved hundreds and thousands of lifes:

Piston props flew dangerous missions into Uli - Annabelle airport, a converted road (6500ft long) :

In MSFS you can still use the asphalt highway between 5.829839, 6.857228 and 5.816939, 6.859927 (leaving a length of +/- 4850 ft).

Easy with King Air (Avatar for the Avro Ansons), OK with C-47, difficult (start) to impossible (land) with DC-6 due to the huts on the side.
As in real life fly low, in bad weather and/or at night/dusk/dawn. Nonsense-MSFS-street-lights simulate the runway illumination at the time:

Two historic PLNs:
they go right into Uli (the two WPs delineate strip ends) and end in Enugu Airport (base for Biafras B-25 and B-26 bombers).

Biafra1.PLN (4.0 KB)
from the south - pick up medicines at various strips (which were all used at the time) before going in from the sea.
Biafra2.PLN (2.9 KB)
western approach from Cotonou over jungle

BTW: I have put up a request for an Uli-airport creation, so if any modder feels intrigued:
Uli Airport (History) » Requested | Microsoft Flight Simulator

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That’s very interesting, thank you.