Saved controller config is gone after new patch

I’m using an Xbox 360 controller and had a custom configuration that has been wiped by this patch. To make matters worse the control configuration process seems to be horribly bugged, not letting me set a lot of the configurations I had before. I press the button combo to set them and it appears in the box, but as soon as I take my fingers off the buttons they disappear from the config box so I cannot set them.

Is anyone else experiencing this? How is something as fundamental as controller config messed up so badly and only getting worse…

My sensitivity settings for my Xbox One controller are gone with the new update, and it won’t let me reset them. When I click on Sensitivity, it produces a blank box and the option to click DONE. That’s it…

I am using a CH Flight Sim Yoke and noticed as well as nmb1952 that there is no longer a way to adjust controller sensitivities. I’m wondering if ANY controllers have sensitivity adjustment any more? Another point i’m wondering about is when (I have a 3 monitor desktop) popping out windows such as VFR to run outside the FS2020 window, my yoke is no longer able to control the aircraft if I click on the external VFR window. VERY ANNOYING !!! If I bring the mouse cursor back and click on the FS2020 window then my FlightSim yoke becomes operable again. WoW. I’m really amazed that so many problems are presenting themselves as we play on and on. You know taking RockStar gaming product GTAV as an example, they had practically NO issues on release. You want to know why that happened? Because Rockstar employed THOUSANDS of programmers not just the pitiful few at Asobo. Thats why everyone is having so many problems. It really steams me too when you get flamed for pointing out this sim’s state of unfinished premature release. I’m sure I’ll be pulled up about this… this is a forum RIGHT??? You get to say what’s on your mind, RIGHT???

Yes, the same here, the sensitive adjustment is gone after the patch. Im using a Thrustmaster Flight Stick X.
Apparently it is a bug, it is the same for all of my friends too. So…

And your presets got wiped too?

I only use the Xbox controller for drone and only that. It’s now been completely re set. This is my biggest fear in not having control bindings back up. I only found out because I was unaware and it dropped to the floor and the plane pitched full nose up and right wing down on the controller landing on the deck.

The same on steam MSFS2020 all presets are lost after sim update 6 (5 houres of work are gone…)