Saving Current Position

In the old Flightsim you could save the flight with the name of default and the next time you opened FS it would load the last save. That way it was just one continious flight.
Can that be done in 2020?


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Yes you can do that by saving a flight from the pause menu

It seems that I can save the file but when I try to reopen FS crashes back to the desktop.

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Notwithstanding all the complaints about everything, file saving and loading strike me as the only truly “unfinished” aspect of the sim. This is evidenced by the way it suddenly takes you outside of the beautiful modern interface into a default Windows dialog box and forces you to manually choose the file type. I have a sneaking suspicion this might be on the list for the next version. Or at least it’ll have to change before the Xbox version.

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When I do this, it loads up the time and weather from when I originally saved it, and doesn’t let me switch it back to the current time and weather.

confirmed here