Savoia-Marchetti S.55 - Exploring Drzewiecki Design's Chicago at Sunset

Hi, I just uploaded a video with the S.55 over Drzewiecki 's stunning Chicago scenery, including some flyby views along the way and thought maybe some of you might enjoy it =) I probably should have used the S.55X, as this is the type that actually flew over Chicago in 1933, but I choose the S.55 “Jahú” as it doesn’t have a GPS in the cockpit. (Edit: nevermind I just saw that the X got updated and no longer has a GPS…awesome :slightly_smiling_face:)


Thank you for the video!
Many people have forgotten this plane and it is beautiful.
I will probably try the X soon again based on your video.

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Thanks for watching it =)
Yeah, the S.55 is quite underrated. I must admit I don’t fly it too often because of the water physics, but the aircraft itself is pretty much flawless and I’m glad we’ve got it in the sim! It’s such a fun and unique design.
I really hope there will be an improvement to the water physics in MSFS 2024, now that we got so many unbelievably well made flying boats :crossed_fingers:

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