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New Airport developed in 4K with high quality PBR textures for PC and XBOX Series.
The Comandante Espora Civil Aerostation (FAA: BCA - IATA: BHI - ICAO: SAZB), is an airport located in the town of Grünbein, 12 km east of the city center of Bahía Blanca, in the south of the Province. from Buenos Aires. The works began in 1952 within the framework of the Second Five-Year Plan, during the government of Juan Domingo Perón, and were completed in June 1955.
Part of the land it occupies corresponds to the Comandante Espora Aeronaval Base, belonging to the Argentine Navy. The 181st Army Aviation Section of the Argentine Army is based at this airport.
It has a runway 2,410 meters long and another 2,100 meters long, both paved. The total area of the property is 350 hectares and a passenger terminal of 3,300 m².
Runway 17L/35R was put out to tender in December 2012, already completed.2 In 2014, the national government invested more than 82 million pesos, coming from the Trust for Strengthening the National Airport System to modernize, reequip and improve the airport’s infrastructure. , with improvements to the main runway, resurfacing of the headers with concrete material and rehabilitating the flexible pavement throughout its entire length, correcting the longitudinal and transverse profiles using a hot asphalt mix. It also included the reconstruction of the commercial platform and its expansion with a new pavement, the installation of a new beacon system with high intensity lighting, which will allow the capacity to operate night flights on the main runway to be recovered. In addition to improving security, the commercial platform was expanded from 10,900 m² to 13,700 m².
Details: Hand modeled of the exteriors of all the main buildings of the airport as well as the interior of the departure hall of the new terminal on the second floor, the Comandante Spora air and naval base with its hangars and its famous museum of the naval aviation of the Argentine navy trying as much as possible to recreate in 3D most of the ships exhibited there.