SAZB espora airports Bahia Blanca,Argentina

Hello friends, I am sending you a comment about a scenario recently purchased from Microsoft.
This is SAZB Comandante Espora Airport (Bahia Blanca).
Both in the default and in the paid version they did not put the OC OM OI beacons, on runway 17L, they are not there.
Only this track has ILS
I would appreciate an update,
Thank you

Hi @FSA2168,
I suggest you add the world-hub-candidate tag to this post, so it gets the attention of those participating in the world hub alpha :slightly_smiling_face:

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Since you apparently bought Simulation Extrema’s version of SAZB, please contact the vendor to indicate what you want added as they can modify their version of the airport.

Good morning dear friend, thank you for responding.
This bug mentioned is also in the default version of SAZB airport in MSFS, so I understand it is not an Extreme Simulation error. However, I will send you a message.
Thank you