Scenery and airport not loading at arrival

Been having a strange problem lately that hasn’t happened before.

Only happens with my third party airports and sceneries. My sceneries load fine at my departure airport where i spawn. But sometimes the airport and scenery at my arrival do not load. Everything is just flat.

But in a different flight when I spawn on the scenery/airport that failed to load before, they load just fine. This doesn’t happen with handcrafted Asobo airports.

So far it has happened to me for the following sceneries:

Samscene3d Guangzhou ZGGG
Flytampa Vegas KLAS
Feelthere KLGA and Samscene3d New york

Anyone else encountered this?


The objects could be LODs-meaning that you will not be able to see the scenery until you are in a certain radius of an object.

Does the scenery not show up at all even when you are close to it?

Yes. Even tried setting the LOD to 400 while parked at a gate. And turning online functionality on and off to make sure it’s not a streaming issue.

Airport still doesn’t load after 15mins.

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I had the same thing happen to me with Feelthere’s KLAX. Flew from Atlanta, and had to land on a satellite photo of a runway. No buildings at all – basically, nothing loaded. Deleting the rolling cache and re-enabling it brought back the ground textures, but not the buildings. They never reappeared.

This is with the SU10 beta, by the way.

Did it ever happen again on a different flight?

I am having the same problem. The (addon) scenery of my arriving airport does not load in and I land on a satellite image of the airport. No real RWY, buildings or what so ever.

Strange thing is that when I choose the same airport as my departure, the airport loads in perfectly fine.

I can recreate this failure as often as I want. Happens everytime independent of flight time or aircraft.

Tested: FSDT Zurich (inbound from LSGG)
Tested: Orbx Vienna (inbound from LSZH)
Tested: Fenix A320, FBW A32NX, Asobo 32N, PMDG738
Happened before and after installing SU10

Please share your opinion on what I can try to fix this as it’s no fun anymore flying like this. @ASOBO please fix!

Do you have both GSX and AIG traffic installed?

Same issue, but taken to an even worse level. The ground textures around the airport did not load either when I was landing at KCLT today, and I landed on an extremely blurry satellite image of the runway with an extremely blurry surrounding throughout the approach. Both GSX and AIG Traffic installed. First time this has happened to me.

This is a Simobject limit issue that needs to be addressed immediately by Asobo. This will happen when you have GSX running and ANY other AI traffic solution. Way too many objects trying to be inserted into the simulator. Major eye roll.

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For me it doesn’t happen when i use live traffic and aig models even at max slider. It also doesn’t happen with FSLTL injector and models.

It only happens to me if i use AIG traffic controller specifically

It happened to me yesterday with FSLTL injector, no AIG TC. The limit nuked my traffic and the entire ORBX KSJC scenery upon arrival to San Jose.

Well this has me worried as it seems FSLTL is not immune to the issue. Maybe it’s just because it uses less resources which is why it hasn’t happened to me yet.

You may want to look into getting the update for the FSLTL injector (released a day or two ago) that allows for more options and also FSDT are now allowing to decrease the amount of clutter GSX is inserting with its gates. In the live updater, go to the GSX config and uncheck that box, then run update for all products again.

This is so frustrating, happened to me for the fourth time just now. Sadly I have no idea what is causing it. I can only imagine some conflict between GSX and FSLTL. It happened to me before with AIG too.

Strange thing is fps went down below 10, even 5 even though there is no scenery visible.

As far as I can tell, every time I’ve noticed missing PAX, no baggage objects, no ground handlers or no GSX vehicles altogether at my departure airport, I was greeted with no scenery and horrible FPS at my arrival airport.

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It’s now well known that what’s causing this is the sim is hitting the maximum number of sim objects allowed by the game engine.

Ways to prevent reaching the limit are severely reducing the number of aircraft from AIG injector. I witched over to FSLTL just because of this as that addon has a lot more options in terms of reducing aircraft spawned. I reduced the radius that spawns AI planes and reduced the number of parked ground aircraft

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It was not to me, would you mind sharing your FSLTL settings. Currently my radius is set to 150km and maximum IFR planes is at 75. I guess this is still too high.

Or even better, is there any hint out there how much is too many aircraft? I would assume the dev. section of the forum might have an answer but I couldn’t find one.

Depends on the airport you’re in and the surrounding airports.

So far the lowest I’ve had to go is for LFPG and EGLL.

IFR: 85
VFR: 0
Static parked aircraft: 6
Radius: 50 miles

You can increase the settings for smaller airports but there’s no way to know without trying first.

Also, I removed AIG models from my community folder so that FSLTL does not use them. I have no idea though if that has any effect yet

Thanks. I just had a good experience with following settings

IFR: 75 (before 85)
VFR: 0 (before 7)
Additional parked aircraft: 1 (before 4)
Radius: 100km (before 150)
Blocked aircraft removal time: 60

No idea if maybe VFR (considered beta) had anything to do with it or the reduced static/additional aircraft. I just hope Asobo will at least update their SDK and include a max. figure.

Running into this at a variety of airports recently (granted they are larger airports) with reduced settings in FSLTL. The last time was with reduced settings for FSLTL and without GSX running at all. Really hope they sort this out in short order.

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Same issue here; AMD 5950X, PNY 3090, 64GB DDR4 RAM, SSD drives. 3090 only running up to 30-40%, CPU avg 10-15%; only about 25% RAM.

Major airports on arrival flat, satellite, or missing most everything. Just “started” recently. Work fine w/o GSX and/or FSLTL. Also found the new E-Planes add-on definitely made a hard hit in my case.

Also, in my case, with all above running (smooth steady locked 36 fps), a flight of an hour or so is fine (e.g. iniBuilds LAX to LVFR KSAN), but anything longer and near approach = low FPS, little to no arrival airport, or the old “two stutters and CTD”.

Something’s up… no luck so far. About to “dump” and reinstall fresh, but may wait until new 40th release next week.

Best to All!