Scenery disappears at Tibilisi and black lines in water at Baku

Hey Guys,

Encountered two strange graphical issues never seen anywhere before.

Issue #1 - Launch a flight at Tibilisi UGTB and observe the following:

Only happened at UGTB at low altitude and certain camera angles from cockpit also at Ready to Fly screen and also flying low altitude around the city.

Issue #2 - Black Lines in the water at Baku

Launch a flight at UBBB Runway 16 or 17 fly south over the ocean and notice following:

Also only happens near Baku.

Using Nvidia GTX960 451.48 and current Windows OS build but never been to these airports before so cant comment what version its happened with.

Anyone else able to recreate these problems ? Happens to me 100% of the time.

Zendesk Tickets 119762 (Tibilisi) and 119765 (Baku)

Yes, Baku one has been around for a while. Not tried Tiblisi though