Scenery for kdtw

Can anyone make a kdtw and orbi scenery

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Surprisingly, no there is no third party DTW scenery right now. I’m sure there will be as DTW is a major Delta hub, but so far, no.

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Day 1 buy for me if one is made!

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Please please! Many taxi ways don’t match chart. Makes it hard to follow directions on vatsim

I am working on it. Be patient :grin:

It is nice to get the correct taxi instructions


Looks amazing! Are you working on it by yourself or are you part of a team? I know SunSkyJet was planning on porting their P3D DTW to MSFS, but nothing came of it, so I’m super stoked to see how yours turns out!

Thanks , the textures are not even applied yet.
I am working alone right now and is going to take me a while, its a big airport with pretty much 3 terminals to modulate. The default airport is using an old data so i had to start from scratch.


Day one buy for me too!

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One more buy from me too! Super excited for this!

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Day 1 here as well! We’ve waited far too long for one.

Its going to be free
Check out the progresss here:


That looks awesome. Thank you for the link and for the hard work you are putting into this scenery. Looking forward to it!

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Will this have the tunnel that goes under the taxiway/runway?

Hehe, i am working right now on the tunnel. The airport ground traffic goes in the tunnel as well so i have to make it work some how… its a challenge for sure

Hey, AVIQN! Any chance at sending us some more pictures on how the progress is coming? Really looking forward to this one.

Just added a couple of pictures here:

Wow, that’s looking great! Can’t wait to see how the final product looks :smiley:

Please follow the KDTW progress here:

Updates coming soon :grinning:

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