Scenery Gateway System - World Hub

It’s a kind of confidence (and last but not least, respect) to the customer base to get this published.
If they don’t I won’t mind voting for anything on the wishlist.

We will know for sure after the next dev/Q&A stream.

Why is that?

I would be surprised if it’s anounced for this week and they dont even talk about it.

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It was never formally announced to be released alongside SU13, it was said they “planned” to release it at this point.

However, about one week until final release of SU13 and still no “sign of life” from the developers about the World Hub… curious.

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A question for the dev live stream on 27th. :+1:

Not to mention that the initial plan was to make it first as a limited Beta where we add to candidate…

Last I remember is that it was being Beta tested. Never remember hearing any results, though. Did the Beta happen and, if so, what were the results? I thought the only thing remaining involved legal matters and that’s been the holdup. True?

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It was some data privacy loopholes and making the front end UI as far as I remember.

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Ah, ok, thanks. At least the UI must be done by now.

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It is definitely coming sometime (hopefully soon), it’s just waiting for the reviews to be approved :slight_smile:


Another week, again no informationen. It seems they want to have the moment of surprise :wink:

Some pre-information about what to expect during a submission’s validation process would be nice, i. e. what is validated against RL (exact shape and orientation of buildings, runway numbers, ATC frequencies etc).

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I think they will make some kind of video tutorial or knowledge base article to give us more details on what is or isn’t part of the process.

I’m also certain they are just as impatient to get the feature out and running. Reminds me of some early on sim issue related to the windows store, thy had to wait a long time for the MS store devs to fix something, and took forever.

I’ve noticed that there are multiple airports where the taxi lights and taxi lines are improperly located. Probably because these are auto-generated. It would be nice to have the ability to make changes to “clean up” airport ground data in such a way that the changes can be reviewed by the MSFS team and then published as a scenery update. Waze has a program like this and it works really well. I’m happy to volunteer my time to help make the sim as great as it can be. Thank you for the great work!!


There’s some weird time travelling going on in this thread.


Haha, it’s because I merged in a topic from 3 years ago!

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I find it very odd that the forum is configured to bump stale years-old threads. Usually if there’s been no activity for that long then the information is outdated and better left to slumber.

Topics are auto-bumped every 6-9 months, this one has a 3 year gap because the bump wasn’t merged from the other topic, and the Forum bumps based on the latest (order not date) post.

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It is a feature of the Forum to make it fairer for all topics, otherwise the only topics that would get attention are the ones that people deliberately bump and share.
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