Scenery Gateway System - World Hub

Think this will get shelved for FS24? It’s going on months of delays here, so the new sim will probably be just around the corner when they finally do release this. And then FS24 will make this feature immediately obsolete probably, since the streaming scenery model is going to change substantially.

They’re not talking about FS24, and they’re not talking about this… the silence makes me wonder.

Yes but that is by enthusiasts that are used to working with kind of programming / complex software. I have used the SDK a bit, and it’s by no means easy to use even if you have some experience with similar software. They need to make this work for anyone (more casually) and make it so they can’t screw up. That is a big UX challenge to layer that on top of the SDK. And on top of that they need to make the posting back to the main world flawless and control all of that.

If it was the only thing they are doing maybe not but it’s not the only thing they are working on?

Anyway, it is what it is, getting worked up isn’t going to change anything :slight_smile:

The World Hub roll-out, the Aerosoft Twin Otter being withdrawn and the Bermuda Triangle make up the three greatest mysteries of our time. :crystal_ball:

I think if '24 is data compatible as they said it would be then release the sucker even if it does work for the '20 peasants in the interim, it’s all good. :slight_smile:

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Expectations of the World Hub’s capabilities and features have varied from modest to all-encompassing.

Where have my expectations ended up? I expect that its primary function will be to let users fix all of the “incorrect” things Blackshark AI has done to all of the auto-generated airports.

The auto-gen airports are generally good from a (figurative) 10,000 foot view, so their AI has made it possible to use all of them, but when you get down to the (figurative) ground level, you will find that the names of taxi-ways, gate numbers, “size” of gates, location or type of auto-gen building are not representative of reality. I would guess that the AI tried to identify taxi-ways and just started labeling them A, B, C, etc… and then we get what we get. So, I think World Hub would allow a person to take a real airport diagram, go in and clean up all of those auto-generated labels and names, and submit them back to the sim for inclusion in an update.

I am not expecting it to fix terrain issues or re-build runways. Maybe I’m wrong there.

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That’s exactly what it should be able to do at a minimum level. I remember I took a live chart for KSTL and went in and reworked all the taxiways and gates. Took about an hour or 2 but the result was satisfying. AI planes used the taxiways they were supposed to and all the airlines parked at the gates they should. I even uploaded it and shared it with the community because the last version of the airport was well over a few years old.


So, what’s up with MS and/or Asobo about this? Lost their voices?

What’s so hard to tell what happened with something which has more than 1100 votes right now, was said to be released with WU14, and now - obviously - again postponed (until when, infinity… ) ?

Really, makes one just wonder (and head-shaking).


Currently the World Hub was on the roadmap to be released alongside World Update 14. This didn’t happen as intended so we inquired. The World Hub is currently going through accessibility and privacy requirement reviews, and our aim is to release it as soon as we can. We are hopeful the release will be alongside Sim Update 13 in September, depending on how the reviews go.


Thanks for the update, Jayne!

Looking forward to this. My local airport S50, Auburn Muni has incorrect runway/taxiways. Plus, this fall the runway numbers will be changing. I’m hoping the editor is easy to use to add the proper increased length and arrow markings and correct the taxiways.

Will the scenery gateway system allow the user to correct the hundreds of incorrect ILS glideslopes and/or PAPI lights at the various airports?


This. Especially without having to perform each fix individually and market them as such as well. I can see putting a ton of work into a project like that and someone finally figures out how to import the database that’s published every 28 days. Or marketing a fix for this and that individual airport - but it’s only just adjusting lights, so who is going to pay attention? Are we expecting people to have ten thousand folders of airport lighting fixes in their community folder?

I don’t want to even contemplate opening the SDK for each airport and manually combing through and andjusting all the wrong lighting, then trying to manage the file structure for export. I mean it’s literally thousands of them. Gross.

The person-hours for that project could be minimized by a lot if we are able to inject things directly into a database.

My understanding is the improvements would be rolled into the base sim, rather than the improvements sitting as mods in a community folder. But then the question is whether MS has the capacity to review and push in a ton of improvements at any scale. Improvements seem to move extremely slowly in most other contexts, which is worrying.

Unfortunately, I think the manual method is how the World Hub will work unless they’ve produced a way to import in fixes at a larger scale that we have not seen yet. That said, the World Hub should be easier to use than the existing SDK.


Speculating it will just be a third option on the existing SDK that won’t build with external resources.

I haven’t checked, but I’m not sure with the file structure looks like for official content airports that aren’t hand built.

It would be nice if there was a git repo for the projects.

As a fellow Puget Sound flight simmer, I would love to see an upgraded S50 as well! Along with KOLM (which is awful by default) and KPWT.

Just Flight apparently has taxiway signs for 1000+ airports in the sim. I’m not quite sure how they managed that. But if they can do that is seems like lighting should also be possible.

EIDW can finally have it’s 2nd runway hopefully. It’ll be like the old days when I used to do more tweaking of the sim than flying. :laughing:

Any news about the scenery gateway aka world hub?
Haven’t heard of it in the recent past although it’s meant to be released this month. Or have I missed something?

Yeah this one’s on the never never.

On the positive, what with it never arriving is, there’s always something to look forward to. Or…

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Maybe they’ll put it into FS2028? :wink: