Scenery inaccuracy in Clark County, Missouri, USA after WU6

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Brief description of the issue:

I just was required to accept a mandatory update on Sept 7. to my version 1-19-8-0. I had purchased the top version of MSFS 2020 from Microsoft on August 5 2021, order # 4795649637. Prior to the mandatory upgrade I was extremely expressed with Version 2020, particularily the scenery functions. I own a 1000 acre farm in NE MIssouri, close to the town of Wyaconda. Unlike FS X I was able to land and and takeoff on a grass runway I had placed on a field of the farm in real life. I owned a Cessna Skymaster at that time. (1970"s). After the mandatory upgrade installed On Sept. 8 the scsnery in that area has changed completely - fields do not correspond to actual; runway has disappeared, Scenery has been changed to consist of patches of trees, not corresponding to the actual. I do not understand why an upgrade has resulted in a complete elimination of scenery accuracy. What was the reason?
Sorry, I was uncertain how to connect this to my previous request #119740. Thank you for responding to that request.

Did you check for updates in Content Manager?

Yes I did and got some, but all had to do with airplanes or airports. Did I miss something about scenery? Thanks for thr answer.

This is an older bug, and you have not been logged into the forums for a long time. But if you return, I have a question for you:

Anyone reading this is going to read that there was a farm somewhere near Wyaconda, MO, with a landing strip that disappeared. Without any information such as the airport identifier or what it was called before it was removed, or supporting screenshots, I don’t know how anyone is going to be able to help you. If you could edit your first post and provide some of that information, that would be really helpful!

Doing some research I found two possible airstrips:
MO82 - Howard - GPS 40.409, -92.05683 - This airstrip is on the sectional and in MSFS. FAA data may be out of date.
1MO7 - Hines Airport - GPS 40.3638992, -91.9751968 - This airstrip IS in MSFS but not on the sectional or FAA database. The airport owner needs to contact the FAA to add the airstrip.

If neither of these airstrips belong to the OP, then the OP needs to contact the FAA to add the airstrip to the sectional.