Scenery Issue Reporting

A couple weeks or so back I was watching an interview and the Dev’s mentioned they wanted to see scenery issues reported so they could be cleaned up. I’m wondering if anyone knows exactly how they prefer these reported and to what extent they actually want them.

We are about to start what will be over a 27,000 mile VFR tour which I plan to stream. Since I’m going to be covering a lot of ground I’m expecting to see an extensive amount of issues based on what I’ve seen so far. If they are serious about catching glitches/issues I am willing to take the time to report those I find.

If someone can point me to information about where they want it reported, what exactly they want reported and what they don’t, I’d be happy to help find them. As a developer I rather not just fill their ticket system with issues that they aren’t really interested in resolving.

Please file a bug report on Zendesk for each issue. Include a detailed description, a location and your altitude if applicable.

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Will do.

Thanks for the snappy reply.