Scenery not allowing FS2FF connection

Has anyone run into an issue where FS2FF fails to connect to MSFS2020 due to a certain scenery installed in the community folder?

Any scenery masters out there have any idea what sort of element could be within a scenery that could affect the connection of FS2FF to the sim?

When I pull the scenery out of the community folder, it works fine. Also, it seems as though the issue only happens if I’m loaded up within 25 miles of the scenery in question. If I’m further than that, no issue.

Looks strange… FS2FF just listen to simconnect whatever scenery you have… Weird thing.
PS : what scenery?

I’ve had zero problems with fs2ff related to scenery, and can’t imagine how it could have a problem. What specifically happens? Is there an error message? What scenery is it?

(Noticing that you don’t have a problem if you’re not near the scenery, I wonder if it’s a problem related to loading of air traffic at a particular airport – that’s the only thing I can think of that would be related to where you are other than your GPS coordinates. Try also with your air traffic settings set to the various options: off, live, and AI. And check if you have any particular planes installed that might be more likely to load at a particular location?)

Thanks. We’ll check the airplanes to see if they’re causing the trouble. It’s a scenery of ours that we are creating.

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The issue stems from SimObjects loaded as part of the scenery. I haven’t been able to nail down if it’s a specific module, or shear number of objects that cause the connection to fail. You can witness the issue by loading up the scenery editor and spamming simobjects. At some seemingly random point, the connection fails.

The SimObject issue seems to stem from using SimConnect_RequestDataOnSimObjectType . Asobo says not to use this simvar for multiplayer clients.

I’ve found another program that connects without issues for me. GitHub - Andywmm9/Miller.Msfs.ForeFlightRelay: Microsoft Flight Simulator application that relays information to ForeFlight.