Scenery objects not loading in

So a noob question here.

After adding objects from a multi object scenery to the sim, and saving the SCN and SHP file in the PackageSources\scene folder, closing the sim and then coming back later to continue, the objects are not loading in. Only the exclusion polygons… made sure all scenery objects were ticked before saving. What am I missing / doing wrong here?

Delete your rolling cache?
(You can create a new one later)

Does that affect you while working om scenery?

Are you making sure to save .shp and “scn” files with different names?

Btw “scn” doesn’t exist in the sdk, Is Just a naming convention
Both polygons and scenery placement Need and .xml file , this Is the you must give them 2 different names

If you like video tutorial , this One explains all about saving

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