Scenery order / priority?

Has anybody got any definitive info on this?

I know about content.xml, but if you’re using the addons linker techniques this is going to be changine every time you change that environment.

I see the USA update includes KATL, for example, but I have already bought the payware version. Which has priority? and how/why?

It really is pretty shameful that information like this is not more easily available

If you have two versions of KATL, you’ll have to disable one yourself. Otherwise it’ll lead to problems.

Thanks Mort. I had a play with this to check stuff out and yes, I can’t have them both active without some clashes. Doesn’t seem to matter which order I have them.

I’d still like to know more about the order and priority of stuff though. It seems like stuff gets added to content.xml but not removed (if you use a system of dynamic symlinks to control your scenery for example), in which case - how is it actually used by the sim? Assuming it is actually used and is not some unused piece of code left over from the development days.

We shouldn’t have to experiment to find out how to do this stuff.