Scenery problem LEMD

Hello everyone
I have such a problem at some airports. There are unevenness of the terrain that makes it impossible to taxi around the airport. For example, below LEMD.
Please help me solve the problem

Do you have mods installed? These sort of problems usually originate by a bad mod.

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Is it about the LEMD mods?
I have a Microsoft store scenery and nothing more for LEMD

I meant mods in general. Mods can corrupt parts of the sim in unpredictable ways. But ir can very well be the LEMD mod.

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Thank you very much for the hint. Indeed, some mod in the Comunity folder caused such an error. I emptied the folder and it’s ok … Now I’ll look for which mod generated such a problem.
Thanks again for the hint


This error generates GSX Pro for me

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