Scenery sharpness at altitude

I think things look pretty good here at 20k ft over San Francisco Bay. LOD’s set at 150 and render scaling at 100


Seems like it has been fixed :partying_face:


Wow, looks amazing. What res are flying?

3440 x 1440 on latest driver


Much better.

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Have you noticed any difference in FPS with the new drivers?

Not really, possibly smoother but I’m still experimenting. I have to turn all ai traffic off though including static as its causing bad stutters. Getting about 50 fps but at times it doesn’t seem as smooth as you’d think at that number, 1080ti only using 5gb vram. Old ryzen cpu at 3.9ghz so that’s probably my problem


Looks just as blurry as before. You are zoomed out so it’s camouflaged a bit, but looking at your 4k image, it definitely looks like the same old low res textures.


Well I thought it looked pretty decent. I expect smog and haze would make the view look less than crisp in real life so I’ll content myself imagining it’s realistic!


does the nasa miss a computer?


Might have been a server issue, fixed now that they’ve deployed more

How are the watermasks

looking at the screenshot, I also do not see sharp textures

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I’ve only found a couple of examples. Consensus seems to be that they will take time to add, certainly not available yet across the globe, far from it.

I’ve checked French Polynesia and watermasks are sadly totally missing there, it’s just deep water straight off the beaches

Really unfortunate. I myself enjoy flying over tropical areas every so often. Major cities get boring and repetitive at times.

Same here. Clearly Asobo was able to get some good watermasks at some point because they had goog looking ones in some of their trailers. Hopefully this is something that they fix over time or that the community can fix

Give it time.