Schipol to Heathrow - KLM

Flight highlights from Amsterdam Schipol to London Heathrow - Recorcded on FCR + NVIDIA Experience

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Wauw, you really nailed it, showing off the real potential of the sim…
Great editing…

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Thank you…! :slight_smile:

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What hardware are you running? It’s all so smooth…

Ryzen 5900x, RTX 3080 and 32 Gigs RAM.

But Processor is still under-used (package hitting max of 25%). Just 20 to 30 fps over big cities.
GFX utilization is good after recent updates.

This SIM has long way to go in terms of performance.


Similar setup to me, allbeit I’m on the i9 10850K
Rtx 3080
32gb ddr ram

I play in 4K with LOD sliders at 200, and ultra settings but take of motion blur, yours looks much sharper, would you mind sharing your in game settings, and resolution?

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Lovely images too… really like that sequence

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Maybe DirectX12 will bring better hardware utilization…

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Here u go…

Impressive work! What did you edit it with?

Thanks…! Edited with PremierPro along with few AfterEffect comps…