Scores (best, last?)

Having a scoring system is all well and good, but it would be far more useful if i could see my last and best score so i know if i am improving or not.

Also, it would be good to see a replay of the top 10 so i can see how to improve (this is probably not possible however).

definatly needs to have replay for teh top 10, otherwise how can we be sure they are valid

and i dont like how it seams to record your last attempt not your best attempt or improvements

I appreciate the efforts made by Asobo to improve performance in the game, and thank you for it. I noticed the evolution in the landing challenges and the rating they added. But for me the essential is still missing!
Why don’t we see our best score and ranking when we come back to the challenges page ?! Only the top 10 rankings appear …
If we want to review our points and ranking, we have to make a landing again …
I don’t think it’s complicated to add it to the page. If you could do that, that would be really great!

Thank you