Scouting 2022: A Beechcraft Model 18 Tour

Today I fell in love!
I bought the Beechcraft Model 18 on a whim and I love her so, so much! Therefore I’ll be using her on a tour (don’t know where yet) that I want to share with you!

#001: Isle of Man (EGNS) - RAF Ternhill (EGOE).

My beauty - my wonderful Model 18! Taken above the Irish Sea.

Hitting the Welsh coast at Rhyl.

Above Threapwood.

#002: RAF Ternhill (EGOE) - Fairford (EGVA).

Fields of Leaton, west of Wellington.

Titterstone Clee to our right, Magpie Hill in front of us.

Crossing River Frome near Stretton Grandison.

River Severn entering The Noose near Arlingham.

South of Bussage.

#003: Fairford (EGVA) - Shoreham (EGKA).

Weather front near Watchfield.

A hole in the clouds near Ashampstead.

The city of Reading.

Back in the sunshine above Farnborough.

The Channel Coast as seen from a point northwest of Thakeham.

#004: Shoreham (EGKA) - Saint-Gatien (LFRG).
(Switched to USN paint scheme.)

Leaving Brighton (and the UK) behind us.

Off-shore wind farm south of Brighton.

Arriving in Normandy near Le Tilleul.

The city of Le Havre.

#005: Saint-Gatien (LFRG) - Pruniers (LFYR).

Heavy rainfall at Saint-Gatien-de-Bois.

Fields near Cormeilles.

Passing Montreuil-l’Argillé.

The “Reserve naturelle de la clairière forestière de Bresolettes”.

Erre River west of Nogent-le-Rotrou.

Following Braye River across the border to Pays de la Loire.

Near Lunay, west of Vendôme.

Crossing Loire River near Limeray.

#006: Pruniers (LFYR) - Bellegarde (FLBL).

Woods south of Romorantin-Lanthenay.

The town of Vierzon on Cher River.

Colourful fields near Ménétréois-sous-Vatan.

Châteauroux on Indre River.

Crossing Le Grands Bois near Velles.

The Étang Bardon (Bardon Reservoir) near Le Bardon.

The Lac de Saint-Pardoux.

#006: Bellegarde (LEBL) - Lasborges (LECL).

Sadly, my NVIDIA overlay glitched and didn’t properly record almost all screenshots. So two shots, five damaged files…

Flying along Vienne River south of Vienne.

Fields near Pageas.

The rest was damaged, but I believe I found and fixed the problem.