Screen Flickering Google tabs

For some reason, every time I play MFS2020 and use Google, Google starts flickering for no clear reason when I use other apps on my

desktop, such as discord, it works great, I never had this problem when I don’t play MFS2020, only when I play MFS2020,
My monitor is the Acer 23.6" FHD TN Gaming Monitor with AMD FreeSync Technology - KG241Q, my drivers are all up to date, window is on the latest version. Any solution to fix this would be appreciated and another note this hasn’t happened before It started this month.

Google is a website so which Browser are you using?

My guess is you are using Google Chrome for this browser you can try:

Yeah Google Chrome I should have been more specific sorry about that I will try it in a couple of hours and I will tell you if it works.

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