Screen Freeze During Flight Preparation

Since last couple of weeks MSFS freezes frequently during flight preparation. After reboot, it mostly works fine only the 1st time.

System Specs:
AMD 2700X, 64GB RAM, 2TB NVMe, 3080 NVidia GPU.

The only plugins installed are: Air Manager and Flight Events.

Interestingly game always freezes/stalls at the same point as shown in screenshot (“The stall speed …”)


Similar issues here…

Thanks for sharing the link. I had already looked around number of posts and tried few things.

These posts are way long and to scan individual threads/items and then connect them takes for-ever and only to know that workaround may not work for me, just like past few times as we have different setup.

I will wait until an expert can post a consolidated definitive answer/debug technique or link to the same.

If not I wait until MSFS 2020 get stable or vendor adds some debugging information to point out what is breaking the simulator.

Will miss VFR but I’m glad I have invested in X-Plane too which is way far more stable and configurable.

Got it, the link was more so to vote (at the top of the thread) to bring this to MSFS attention. The more votes, the more they will notice / investigate.

Thanks for clarifying. UP-voted.


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So good to hear about this update and looking forward. Thank you for sharing.

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