Screen mirroring that is usable (for non VR users)

Hi everyone,

Im very happy with the VR experience! wowwy!!

The screen mirror of the headset consists of a view where two eyes are shown. Because both layed out it makes this so tiny that there is no real use in having a mirror like this. At least to me.

It would be greatly beneficial for others to see what the VR users see in a larger format (one eye stretched out). Not only can you better show others (non-VR users) what you are looking at it would also be better to teach people how to fly because then the non-vr “teacher” user can control the mouse and see where he is actually clicking etc.

When using oculus I could use an mirroring application, not sure if there is any for HP reverb G2…


I got the HP Reverb G2 on the back of it being the highest resolution headset on the market. The HMD has not disappointed, and configuration of settings has helped with the small sweet spot to the point that I do not even notice it anymore.

Beyond the not perfect controller tracking, you could say this VR headset is made for simulators. As a content creator, I want to be shouting about the awesome experience in VR. But as you mention the VR mirror that the simulator provides with the G2 is near to useless.

I’m really disappointed, and I don’t know the limitations of the WMR software working with MSFS2020, and the reasons behind showing such a pointless mirror. The native mirror of WMR software is only 1080p for a 4K headset anyway???

I have downloaded openvr for OBS studio, but this only works with steam VR. I’m unsure if you had MSFS2020 running under steam VR, if that would be a workaround?

As I own the game under windows I’m not able to tell. I noticed a lot of other Youtubers that cover MSFS2020 in VR have been using the Quest 2 to record footage and I can see why.

My previous headset was Oculus, and I’m really thinking about switching back; as a content creator wanting to capture VR footage, all the HP Reverb G2 has caused me is problems.

I would be interested to know if anyone knows, how to get a mirror showing a cropped duel eye view at 4K, or the left or right eye cropped at its native resolution?

The mirror has nothing to do with the headset, it’s the way the sim does it and it’s same with all headsets.

Thanks for letting me know, I did not realise that was the default mirror for all headsets. Lets hope at some point, a mirror that is suitable for another person watching, or for video capture will be implemented.

Currently, that’s not selling the VR experience to anyone else, but the person taking part.


Hi. I noticed, you can get somewhat better view for other person by using Windows magnifier, when in windows-mode.

Changed from RiftS to Reverb G2 and it is amazing change, but my viewers lost eveyrthing from me. I cannot record in OBS propertly.
WMR mirror mode is laggy as hell and the default MSFS mirror is stereoscopic and capturing one of the eyes produces a video that would be similar as 240p.

I don’t know if it is possible to implement in future the option to render only left or right eye in the screen of MSFS when inside VR. That way that only eye view would be size up to 1080p and more or less my viewers would see less pixels.

Another thing that ask, is the option to see a web browser inside MSFS. That way I can use skyvector for VFR.

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I asked the same question as you…from what i have been told, for any headset to produce a “mirror image” as you put it, it would require the same amount of GPU power as the headset does, this is unworkable for pretty much everybody as MSFS in VR is so GPU intensive.

i dont know why MSFS cant produce a simple flat single image … but there it is… anyway, its the software, not your headset thats the issue, its the same with my Rift S and my Quest 2.

Most VR games output a single image to the monitor - I’m guessing Asobo just hasn’t implemented it yet. Then again, IL-2 does the same thing more or less - and has for years…

Tons of VR games have the option to produce a nice mirror view using only one eye at zero CPU/GPU cost as it’s just a copy of one of the headset view. I really hope MSFS Devs implement such thing, for spectator or easiest grabbing video.


we all hope they do, but apparently they dont, ATM because MSFS works differently… that VR view on the monitor is utterly useless AFAIK…

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Anyone who has the HP reverb G2, you can use OBS to capture the WMR mirror, but its only 1080p and the quality is not the best, but it does give you a flat image.

If you have an Oculus headset you can use the Oculus mirror, I’d be interested if anyone that uses steam, if they have tried the steam VR mirror, it can be customised to either eye and Nvidia released drivers this week to help with the stutter in steam VR.

You can also get a plugin for OBS, that directly captures the steamVR mirror.

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Oculus mirror is nice as it includes image stabilizer, really smooth for viewer. However it’s taxing a lot of vram (my 2080Ti is saturated).

Steamvr mirror as well, vram issue if I’m displaying the mirror for record.

The only thing working really well for me is using OBS and capturing the in game footage and cropping only the section of one eye

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I use OBS openvr plugin so that way it captures directly. The problem is that it gives low fps 20fps or so.

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