Screen tearing, lagging between views

Hi all,

Are other people getting significant lags when changing views? I usually fly the FBW A320 and often swap between cockpit and wing views. The lag is almost one second… it’s the most annoying part of any update. I get better framerates but only when I’m fixed in one view.

I’m also getting screen tearing at the top of the screen which I’ve never had before… any ideas what is causing this?

The ground textures are blurry even at low altitude… and only load in when I’ve been in one view for a few seconds? Is anyone else getting this?

Generally quite disappointed with the update.

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I was seeing a strange ‘blocky’ tearing at the top of my screen when rendering at over 100%

100% or below and it’s fine - I need to check it again later when I have the chance.

Yeah I have exactly the same. I have rendering at 120.

Update: I’ve not changed a thing since my last flight yesterday (I know this as my UserCfg.opt file is ‘read-only’ as I run 4.0 LOD for Terrain and Objects) when I took those screenshots, and I went back to the same rough location/weather etc, and tried it again but it’s fine now! I tried it from 105% right up to 200% Render Scaling, but it’s not showing any of that artifacting/tearing at any point no matter how much I wiggle the mouse.
FYI i5-9600K RTX2060S 16GB RAM SSD install nVidia 471.11 drivers; no overclocking

I did notice that it only happened in the latter part of the flight. Will have another fly later and see what happens.

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FYI It’s screen tearing like I’ve never seen before - what I saw was like a blocky artifacting (see screenshots) - I’m running a GSync montior with sync enabled in both MSFS and the Nvidia control panel. My first thought was more like ‘is my GPU overheating?’! (though I’m pretty confident that it was being happily cooled - I couldn’t hear the fans spinning up to top speed)

I also had artifact flashing up when I changed views at some points. What GPU do you have?

I’ve have just had that happen, had it rendering at 120% and that appeared at the same place as you.

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Gigabyte RTX 2060S Windforce Super Gaming OC 8G (3 fans IIRC)

I guess all of you have nvidia cards? Vote and look here:

Someone said it got away after going back to driver 466.77. But probably needs more testing.

Ah-ha! that looks the same as what I saw. I’ve ‘automatically’ just upgraded to 471.41 but if it happens again tomorrow I’ll drop back to 466.77 and report it on Zendesk. It’s only happened the once so far - I was browsing the forums and saw this thread pop up and thought I’d ‘chip in’.
May be worth merging these two threads?

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Yes! I’m seeing the same after SU5. I had render scaling set to 110 with 1080p and panning (or just moving the aircraft)

Happened with vsync on OR off.

Setting render scaling to 100 fixed it. Submitted yet another ZD ticket. le sigh…

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I have the same problem

But I have noticed that it happens when my GPU temperature reaches 70°C or higher

My GPU is RTX2060 6G

I only get it in demanding areas.

no update? i always get it with current drivers and then have to downgrade back to 466

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