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Does anyone know where do I submit some screenshots or videos to Asobo so they can be published on their roadmap whenever they release it for us to see?

I’ve been seeing a lot of ppl submitting some very nice screenshots and I would like to see if I have a chance :slight_smile: thank you all

I maybe wrong… but isn’t it here??

If you’re talking about the screenshots on the developer blogs etc, there is a weekly / bi-weekly screenshot contest you can enter.

They’re always pinned in this subsection, so not sure how you could have missed it.
This is the current one;
[OFFICIAL] Weekly Dev Update Screenshot Challenge: My House - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Ah yes perfect!
One thing though, last development roadmap I saw that they posted one video from a user. Do they also have video contests like the screenshots?

I think they just got the video from the MSFS Subreddit.

Is there a link for that?

There is also this thread for the odd week where thry don’t have a specific competition/challenge:

No, there are specific threads - the general one I’ve just linked above and the one linked by @MortThe2nd that varies for each competition they run

I think this is the one:

Thank you guys :))

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