Trying to take and post screenshots, I go to where they say the are located:
( * Open your File Explorer. …

  • Once you’ve opened the Explorer, click on “This PC” in the left sidebar, and then “Pictures.”
  • In “Pictures,” locate the folder called " Screenshots ." Open it, and any and all screenshots taken will be there.)
    Nothing!! Any ideas?

Go to the start button then click on settings the cog wheel above the shutdown option. then gaming, click on captures down the left of the screen and at the top should say where your screenshots are sent.

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There’s a screenshot keybind?

Can you confirm how you are taking screenshots? And is it for the Steam version? There are multiple ways so depending on that there could be a different location. Thanks!

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Not a flight sim specific binding no. there are multiple ways to screenshot i use the nvidia geforce experience one and use alt and f1 as easy to do with one hand whilst flying.

If you have geforce experince press alt and z and it will show you this screen.

using geoforce experience. says its saved to my gallery but nothing is there.

My geforce experience pics default to the VIDEOS folder under Microsoft Flight Simulator Not PICTURES FOLDER. because if you save clips it also goes there.

It’s been the default folder for a long time Under Geforce experience (VIDEOS) and game name folder

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Thanks, I’m aware of 3rd party solutions but that’s not what I’m after, unfortunately. I had thought I had missed an integrated solution, but it’s clear that I was wasn’t wrong.

Thanks for confirming.

yeah same for me.

thanks all i found them, going to try to figure out how to post later on.

Click on the icon circled in my screenshot to add pics. They may be limited in file size though, think it’s under 10mb’s per pic.

btw its not the steam version.

There is a default Windows solution to screen shots.
Win Key + Print Screen captures your whole screen and sequentially saves the files in Pictures/Screenshots by default.

Win Key + Alt + Print Screen captures only the active Window.

No need for anything else, although other options work too. :slight_smile:

think i done it right said i could copy and paste. one i took in black and white


I Just found the key shortcuts a pain for the windows screenshots, as you need to take both hands off to get a screenshot. Sometimes I use the drone in 1 hand and the other to screenshot.

Win + Print Screen is for screen shots…

Fair call, it is a bit unwieldy!

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I have tried all the “usual” methods to get a screenshot, and nothing works. I’ve checked all picture and video folders, and there’s NO screenshots from MSFS. Any suggestions?

Did you try Win Key + Print Screen?
Did you try that combo OUTSIDE of MSFS to see if it works, because that should be the fallback screen grab as it’s part of the OS.

That combo saves sequentially the screen shots in your My Pictures/Screenshots folder.

Thanks Tim. I did try that, but again, no pics appeared anywhere! I’m stumped!