[SCRUFYTAM] Day 17 Between Two Oceans Group Flight Tour

Come fly along as we explore the area of the world that lies “Between Two Oceans.” We will continue in the Indonesian Islands region and follow the posted flight path.

As always, everyone is welcome, my slogan “No Rules, Just Flight”!

ICAO: WAWP - WAFM - WAFD - WAWN (We won’t necessarily stop at the middle airports)
Total Distance: 263 Nm (approximate - we will do some “sightseeing”)
Aircraft: Cessna 172
Server: US East

Start Time: 8pm EST (1am Zulu)

Flight Plan: SkyVector: Flight Planning / Aeronautical Charts

Watch: Twitch

This was a nice change up to add a little variety to the flights, as the group chose to remain in live weather and continue the approach in IMC conditions. I was happy I chose the Kodiak for this flight - it’s ready for anything.

MSFS live weather knows exactly where ALL the airports are (where the data comes from), and just loves to congregate over them. :grimacing:

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Thank you for the comments, photos, and especially, for flying along! The VOR practice was fun and I learned to trust my gauges, one of the main things IFR flying depends on. See you soon!